Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7 post

Yesterday was a very good Sunday because so many less active members came to Churchl! Around nine of the less active members that we had visited last week came. Then when my companion and I saw them all come in at once we were so happy! Aside from them another 4 investigators came, 2 that we were teaching and 2 that came out of nowhere! The 2 we didn’t know are employees of the bishop and we don’t know how but the family of the bishop somehow was able to bring 2 yesterday and they are very interested!

Elder Jacinto taught a nice class about temples and family history work for the gospel principles class. It was also nice because a former bishop came in and helped us a lot in the class! Bishop Nataren read in Luke 16 and explained the great need we have as members to help our ancestors. It was amazing the story in Luke 16.

Then during the priesthood hour, the teacher hadn’t prepared a class at all so he said, "The elders are always prepared, they can give it!" ha ha. So then we had the privilege of teaching the elders quorum and it was fun. Right now our 2 investigators who can be baptized here soon are Frida and her sister Aranzazu. November 26 will be the goal! Frida arrived yesterday and already has 4 assists. Aranzazu has his 5 assists and wants to be baptized. 2 missing much teaching but we will teach everything as fast and efficient as possible.

We are just now starting to teach the grandpa of an investigator that we have. Angel was born in the Catholic Church, but 10 years ago he started to go to the "Pentecostal" church. Angel is turning out to be a very good investigator that really wants to know what the truth is. He has been kind of confused his whole life with all the different religions and opinions. He has great questions and we are helping him answer them. I feel like he will be baptized next month.
As we have been reading Preach my Gospel as a missionary I have really been enjoying it! Preach my Gospel is definitely scripture! Every time I read it I learn something new. It’s funny how you can read the scriptures every day and still never get tired of reading them!
We are still alive and kicking over here in Palmas and have planned to do so until the very end!
It’s my companion’s birthday today! (:
It’s getting a little bit cooler here at night time! I only have the fan on "low" at night now :D
Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Hagues

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