Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 14th - Almost at the 2 year mark! (Nov. 19th)

Well this week was great! We saw a lot of miracles this week! Honestly im not sure why Heavenly Father was so good to us. Im very grateful for the blessings that we recieved this weekend. 

Last week we worked really hard to get our investigators to church, because we knew that the Mexico area conference was going to be really special. Our ward mission leader said that we needed to pray extra hard so that our investigators would make it to the conference. God answered our prayers and we were able to get 6 investigators to the conference! Each one was truly a miracle. 

3 of the investigators was a family that we have been teaching the last couple of weeks. Betty and her eldest kids, Brenda and Luis were able to make it to the conference! We were actually planning on letting them go for a time because they havent been completing their commitments. In the last 2 weeks a member has passed by to take them to church and everytime they havent gone. But yesterday they came to church without anyone even going to get them! They should be able to get baptized in December. Unfortunetaly Luis is leaving the state and wont be back for many months...but we hope he will look for the church over in "Jalisco". 

Aranzazu is another investigator that came and she has a baptismal date for the 26th of November. We are going to pray a lot and teach her well so that she will be able to meet her goal. A member passed by to take her to church and she gets a long really well with that member! Fellowshipping is great! 

Michelle came to church again with her cousins and she continues to progress to her baptismal date the 03 of December. We just need to make sure that her parents will give her permission. We are gaining her moms confidence little by little! 

The last investigator that came to church was truly a miracle! My companion and i had been praying a lot to find new investigators that would progress and we found one! We contacted Luis on thursday and he said that we could teach his whole family on Saturday. So we came back on Saturday and it turns out that his mom Rosa and older brother Christian are members! Rosa just moved here with her family (3 boys) from Tapachula 5 months ago. They came here to Tuxtla becuase Christian is very sick and needs treatment here in Tuxtla. Rosa has about 20 years in the church on and off and Christian (15 years old) has about 2 years in the church. Luis is 12 years old and Kevin is the youngest at 8 years old. Both Luis and Kevin arent members of the church and they both want to get baptized! Luis accepted a baptismal date for the 26th of November! We told them that we would pass by for them at 8:30 the next day to go to church and when we showed up the next day they were all ready to go. We didnt even have to knock the door! jaja 

My companion and I are both very happy and grateful. We are going to keep working hard so that we can see more miracles! 

-Elder Hagues

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