Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sep 30 post

Well I would say that the 2 zone conferences with Tonala, Chauhites and Tuxtla were a success! Everyone participated really well and I didn’t see anyone sleeping during the meeting so that was good! This next week we are going to "los altos" de Chiapas which should be really exciting too. Im not sure how everything is going to work out with 8 missionaries in Chojolho, but I’m sure they will make it interesting! I’m excited to try pozol agrio! ;D
In the area Elder Clark and I were looking for a reference and we got rejected pretty bad, but we just kept our heads up and kept looking. We ended up looking for a contact Elder Prows and i had a while back and we found him! We contacted Juan Carlos like 2 months ago and when we found him he was in front of his house with some friends a little bit drunk. So the contact was ok, but it didn’t seem like he was that interested. He said that we could come back though so we went and his wife answered the door. When his wife saw us we asked is Juan was home and she said really happily "SI SI aqui esta!!" and she went to go get him. He came to the door and ended up letting us into his house with the family! We sang them all a hymn and the mom and one of his sons started clapping after we finished! It was all a really positive spiritual lesson! It is a family of 5 and it seems like they aren’t very religious at all. Every single one of them is of the age to be baptized and they all seem very willing to learn and go to church.
The best thing is that they live really close to the church!
We feel like this is going to be a great family to teach! Throughout the whole experience there were little signs of them being great investigators.
1-     As we walked in we could feel the spirit really strongly!
2-     They all stopped what they were doing and listened to us.
3-     they have a really big cute dog haha.
4-     They gave us bottles of COLD water!
5-     They had questions about the church!
6-     The mom wants her husband to stop drinking and he seems willing to change as well.
7-     They lived in Denver Colorado for 10 years and speak a little English, especially the oldest son!
8-     They have family photos on their walls.
We are really excited to keep finding, teaching and baptizing!
One of our investigators Wendi has a baptismal date for the 15th of October and she seems to be progressing really well!
We hope everything goes well for all of you back home! Just remember that if you put God first in your lives, everything in your life will come out how it needs to be (:
-Elder Hagues

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