Monday, October 31, 2016

Fotos from Las Palmas

Happy Halloween - Dia de los Muertos!

Happy Halloween! and Day of the Dead!

This week was even better than the week before! We were able to meet more members during the week and go out teaching with them. Our investigators are starting to get proper "hermanamiento". We had a great lesson with a family that we are teaching. It’s the same family that I was writing about last week. Betty is the mom and Brenda, Luis and Diana are her kids. We went with the president of young women’s this week and she was able to share her conversion story with the family. The one bad thing that happened is that they weren’t able to come to church this week...but we passed by last night and they are very committed to making this next Sunday! Luis and Brenda accepted the baptismal invitation last night as well. We were finally able to teach them the lesson of the restoration and they had a lot of great questions for us! We feel like they all have a sincere desire to learn. Betty is still excited for her baptism!

Another miracle that happened this week was finding a new investigator that lives with a lot of members! Michelle is 8 years old, but is really excited to learn more about the church. Her parents aren’t members, but they seem like they are nice people. Michelle lives with 3 young women that are members so it should help her a lot in the teaching. The 3 members took her to church yesterday!

We are still working hard to baptize and have our focus on families. We know that as we baptize families they will stay active in the church! It’s going to be a great month!

I am very grateful to be here on the mission. The church really is true! Everyday my testimony grows more and more and I feel the spirit in the lessons we teach and during our study time. Ive been reading a little about the church history and it is really amazing how much the saints were persecuted in the early years of the church. They were so strong to stand up for what they believed in. We too must have courage as they did and preach the gospel to everyone! I’ll keep sharing the gospel till I die! and then I’ll keep preaching in the spirit world! It really is a glorious work that we are a part of!

-Elder Hagues

Monday, October 24, 2016

24 de Octubre Last and Final? Area!

It was a great week! Las Palmas is a great area with a lot of potential! I feel pretty comfortable in the area now, I’ve learned the colonias and a lot of the streets. We are still gaining the confidence of all of the members in the ward, but all of them are really willing to help us out. In my whole mission i don’t think ive gotten this many references! We ask for a reference and they give us 3! We are working with the bishop as well to help him out. Right now he is planning a devotional of "autosuficiencia" this Saturday and we have expressed to the bishop that we are on board! We are going to invite all of our investigators and less actives so that this devotional can be a success! We already have one of our investigators that said she was going to attend. It’s really good for them to go because maybe they can find better job opportunities that allow them to go to church every Sunday.

Right now we are in a trio! (: Elder Jacinto and Elizalde are my new companions. Elder Elizalde is going back to his area in a couple of days.

We walked a LOT this week jajaja. There weren’t really any stable investigators here last week, but after a lot of hard work by Elder Jacinto, Elizalde and I we have been able to find quite a few new investigators that will be baptized. There are 2 investigators that are pretty close to getting baptized. Jasmin and Frida are 2 that can get baptized this month so we will be fasting and praying a lot for them.

We have been mainly looking for pfs or former investigators the last couple of days and we have find some really good ones! We were looking for a former investigator yesterday and we found her mom instead! Betty had never listened to missionaries before or even gone to any church in her whole life! So, when we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and explained how it has been restored on the earth she was very interested! Her family means a lot to her, she has 3 kids and lives alone with them. They all seem really receptive! Betty accepted a baptismal date for the 03 of December, but we honestly feel like she will be baptized before that day.

One amazing story we had in the week was when we were walking through the streets and decided that we needed to pray to find someone that really wanted to listen to us and be baptized! All of our appointments had fallen so we really needed a miracle! The first 2 people we contacted rejected us pretty bad, but we kept going with faith!!! We ended up coming up to a little park and there was nobody there. We could only see one young adult sitting by himself smoking something... I asked my companions if they felt we should contact him and they weren’t sure if he was smoking drugs or not, but we ended up going to contact him anyways. We went up to him and he turned out to be very interested in our message! He loved hearing about the restoration of the gospel and he expressed his gratitude to us for coming and talking to him. He was also grateful for the simplicity of our message as well. He said, "...that’s true huh, I can just ask God himself if this is true! That’s a whole lot more clear and to the point than I’m used to hearing..." (: He works on Sundays as well so we are going to see how we can help him with that.

The ward is at 91 attendance right now, but it can be a whole lot more if we can get some fire going in this ward! There are a lot of ex-missionaries here so that helps a lot as well.

Elder Jacinto is a good missionary and he willing and anxious to learn and improve! He has a positive attitude which will help this area as well! Elder Elizalde is really a humble solid Elder. He is good at teaching and seems to be very obedient!

There is a part of our area that is a little dangerous, especially at night. Patria Nueva is filled with great investigators even though it is a little dangerous. A drunk man started to talk to a member and I when we were on divisions and he wanted money really bad! We told him that we couldn’t give him money, but we could give him a pamphlet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At first he accepted it and put it in his pocket, but then he got mad because we didn’t give him money so he took the pamphlet out again and threw it straight into my face! We just calmly picked up the pamphlet of the ground, said goodbye and walked away. It was an interesting experience jajaja.

We are excited to keep working and have our focus on baptizing! I hope to see this ward grow more and more.

Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Hagues

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 17 post

As this week has come to a close i am continually grateful to be here on the mission! I was pretty bumbed out because we werent able to finalize on the 3 baptisms we were going to have, but i know that they will be baptized soon (: We felt that they needed some more time to truly repent so that they could actually stay active when they get baptized. 

This next transfer is going to be really fun!!! :D I am going to finish my mission on the other side of the city in the ward Palmas! (: The next 6 weeks is going to be a great time to give my ALL and try to baptize every week! (: My new companion is going to be Elder Jacinto. El solo tiene 1 cambio en su mision entonces va a ser divertido estar con él! 

Congrats to my big sister Amber Hulbert for having her first baby!!! Im so proud of you Amber! (: 

I hope everyone can have a great week, full of blessings. Look for all the little blessings you will receive each day (: 

-Elder Hagues

Thursday, October 13, 2016


October 12 Post

We aren’t going to have time to have p-day tomorrow so we got permission to write today (: I don’t know why our schedule has been so crazy recently haha. We have a couple more days in the transfer and we are working hard to baptize this Saturday. I will probably get transferred next week to a new area so that should be really nice! I’m excited to see what happens (:  

Recently I have been thinking a lot on the concept of Believing Christ. I feel that in many occasions I believe IN Christ, but I don’t believe Christ. I know that God blesses his children as they are obedient to his commandments, but sometimes it is hard for me to apply that to myself! I need to Believe that Christs promises are also meant for me. As we are diligent in keeping the commandments we need to understand that, "the Lord is bound when we do what he says"(D & C 82:10). This week are planning on baptizing 3 youth that we have been teaching, Nabor, Samuel and Wendy. We have taught them, fasted and prayed fervently so that they will be baptized. Now i just need to Believe Christ when he says "ask and it shall be given you"(Matt. 7:7). The Lord has helped me build my faith as I strive to Believe that His promises are meant for me as well as others.

A talk that I really enjoyed from conference was Elder J. Devn Cornish Of the Seventy. He said that, “The answers to the questions “Am I good enough?” and “Will I make it?” are “Yes! You are going to be good enough” and “Yes, you are going to make it as long as you keep repenting and do not rationalize or rebel.” The God of heaven is not a heartless referee looking for any excuse to throw us out of the game. He is our perfectly loving Father, who yearns more than anything else to have all of His children come back home and live with Him as families forever. He truly gave His Only Begotten Son that we might not perish but have everlasting life! Please believe, and please take hope and comfort from, this eternal truth. Our Heavenly Father intends for us to make it! That is His work and His glory. …"

Another talk that I enjoyed was President Monson’s talk in Priesthood session. The story of the soldier that made it up the rope to get to safety helped me understand that the promises made to us by Christ are very real. I know that Thomas S. Monson is called of God.

This week we were able to have some really good lessons with Nabor, Samuel and Wendy. Nabor and Samuel just need a little more desire to be able to get baptized this Saturday! We are working hard with them and it seems like the help of the young men’s president is really making the difference. Wendy needs permission from her parents to get baptized...we have faith that everything will turn out fine!

We are excited for this next transfer! We are going to life it to the maximum.

-Elder Hagues

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sep 30 post

Well I would say that the 2 zone conferences with Tonala, Chauhites and Tuxtla were a success! Everyone participated really well and I didn’t see anyone sleeping during the meeting so that was good! This next week we are going to "los altos" de Chiapas which should be really exciting too. Im not sure how everything is going to work out with 8 missionaries in Chojolho, but I’m sure they will make it interesting! I’m excited to try pozol agrio! ;D
In the area Elder Clark and I were looking for a reference and we got rejected pretty bad, but we just kept our heads up and kept looking. We ended up looking for a contact Elder Prows and i had a while back and we found him! We contacted Juan Carlos like 2 months ago and when we found him he was in front of his house with some friends a little bit drunk. So the contact was ok, but it didn’t seem like he was that interested. He said that we could come back though so we went and his wife answered the door. When his wife saw us we asked is Juan was home and she said really happily "SI SI aqui esta!!" and she went to go get him. He came to the door and ended up letting us into his house with the family! We sang them all a hymn and the mom and one of his sons started clapping after we finished! It was all a really positive spiritual lesson! It is a family of 5 and it seems like they aren’t very religious at all. Every single one of them is of the age to be baptized and they all seem very willing to learn and go to church.
The best thing is that they live really close to the church!
We feel like this is going to be a great family to teach! Throughout the whole experience there were little signs of them being great investigators.
1-     As we walked in we could feel the spirit really strongly!
2-     They all stopped what they were doing and listened to us.
3-     they have a really big cute dog haha.
4-     They gave us bottles of COLD water!
5-     They had questions about the church!
6-     The mom wants her husband to stop drinking and he seems willing to change as well.
7-     They lived in Denver Colorado for 10 years and speak a little English, especially the oldest son!
8-     They have family photos on their walls.
We are really excited to keep finding, teaching and baptizing!
One of our investigators Wendi has a baptismal date for the 15th of October and she seems to be progressing really well!
We hope everything goes well for all of you back home! Just remember that if you put God first in your lives, everything in your life will come out how it needs to be (:
-Elder Hagues