Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 15th Post

This week has been really good getting out into the area with elder Clark! We have found a new family which looks very promising! The most important thing is that the dad is really open and he wants to support his family as they come closer to God! He already gave permission for his 1 year old daughter to go to church this Sunday! The best thing is that they were a reference from a recent convert that literally lives next door to them! It should be a great family and we plan on taking a lot of different members with them. 

Nabor is not able to get baptized this Saturday, because he drank coffee yesterday, but he seems willing to keep the commandments now that he knows about the Word of Wisdom. 

We just got back from the house of some members and they asked us for a blessing. Luis and his wife Alina are less active right now and we just met them a couple of days ago. We felt honored that they would trust us enough to call us in their time of need. We were able to give Alina a blessing because she is expecting a baby in 3 months and she needs an operation which is really dangerous for the baby. Luis also asked us for a blessing! I could feel the spirit very strongly during these blessing! The spirit taught me in that moment that The Lord gives us trials so that we may learn, but also so that we may turn to him and REMEMBER Him. I could feel the love of the Savior in that room as we exercised the holy priesthood in His name. I know that the Lord was helping them and was with them during this trial. He does not abandon us! I will strive to live worthily my entire life so that i can be an instrument in the Lords hands when he needs me. 

Thanks for everything everyone! 

-Elder Hagues

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