Friday, August 5, 2016

August 5th a Week of Miracles!

This was a great week, full of service and miracles! Elder Prows and I have been working really hard to stay focused on our missionary purpose throughout this week! We try to always talk about how we are going to baptize our investigators and whenever we get off topic we bring it back as quick as we can talking about baptism. It’s funny because sometimes we start talking about the pigs that just went buy in a truck and then we realize that we lost our focus so we bring it back saying something like, "those pigs are so big we would need to have an extra large font to baptize them!". Even though it doesn’t really make sense, it helps us be concentrated on the work and always be thinking about baptism.

We have been working hard to think about ideas for the consejo de lideres (leadership council). Im sure everything is going to turn out alright and the missionaries will be edified by the spirit. We need to help the message of lessons with member get into the hearts of the missionaries and we are trying to think of different ways to do that.

We are really excited about Alejandro, one of our investigators, because he should get baptized this week when he passes his baptismal interview. He seems a lot more comfortable about getting baptized and not too scared anymore.

One big miracle that we saw was finding an investigator that Elder Prows hadn’t seen for a long time! Her name is Alondra and the only reason why she hasn’t gotten baptized yet is because she isn’t married. Elder Prows hasn’t seen her in 3 weeks, but since then she has taken out all of her papers to be able to get married! We put a fecha for her baptism on the 27th of August! We just need to get the money together somehow and get them married! She seems really excited about it!

Thanks for your "apoyo"! Have a great week!

-Elder Hagues

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