Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 20th Post

This week went by really fast because of all the different things we did, but it was really enjoyable! I'm still trying to get used to waking up at 3 in the morning to drop off missionaries at the airport, but it is really a neat experience! On Tuesday we dropped off Elder Armstrong. He was really a great missionary and it was fun to see him before he left!
In this week we went to 2 different activities. 1 in Tapachula and the other in Comitan. In Tapachula we went to Izapa and saw some cool ruins. In Comitan we went to "el chiflon" waterfalls and "tenam puente" which were some other ruins! It was truly spectacular! I loved seeing and getting to know all the missionaries in person. It really helps to be with them in person and see how they are doing. You can really feel how they are doing as you talk to them. Everyone seems to be doing great! We are excited to see a lot of baptisms in the mission this week.
In all the activities we have been having some spiriual moments so that the missionaries dont get distracted. We all sat together and President, my companion and i were able to give a few words to them. President, my companion and i talked a lot about obedience. We also talked about our desires. If we truly desire to baptize we wont be disobedient and we will work a ton to be able to receive what we desire! We talked about Alma in the Book Of Mormon because he was a missionary who really DESIRED to baptize (Alma 8:10, 36:24, 43:1)!!! I love the scripture in Alma 29:4 that reads, " I ought not to harrow up in my desires the firm decree of a just God, for I know that he granteth unto men according to their desire, whether it be unto death or unto life; yea, I know that he allotteth unto men, yea, decreeth unto them decrees which are unalterable, according to their wills, whether they be unto salvation or unto destruction".

I loved studying the Book of Mormon this week. It amazes me how much you can learn from it everytime you read it! It is the "clave" of out salvation!
have a great week!

-Elder Hagues

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