Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 4th!

This week was a little down as far as investigators in the reunion sacramental, but we still saw some big miracles yesterday! We had a lot of Less Active members come to church that we have been visiting! My companion and i thought we were going to have a completely different outcome yesterday, but the Lord had something else planned for us.
I was able to do intercambios with Elder Rosas and it was a good experience. I learned quite a few things from him. For example, when i read a scripture to someone i should read it and still make eye contact with the investigator to make sure that they are paying attention or maybe to see if they have a reaction to a certain part of the scripture. He Is a great Elder! Him and his family just got baptized a couple years ago so that was really impressive to me. My companion and i are going to keep helping him gain confidence.
We found 2 investigators that seem to have a lot of promise! Brenda is one of them. She is a single mother that seems to eat up all the information we give her! She really has a hunger for the truth and it seems like if we bring some sisters from the ward to help her out she will be able to progress really quickly! Hernan is another investigator that God literally GAVE to us haha. We were walking down the street one night and a lady called out to us. She said that she had seen an advertisement on one of our churches that our church helps people overcome addictions. So she asked for out help because her son Hernan has been struggling with alcohol. We started to visit Hernan and he has a true desire to let Christ into his life! He has completely stopped drinking since we have visited him and he is reading everything we have given him. The only reason that he didn’t go to church is because his wife is pregnant and she started having pain Sunday morning. They ended up having to go to the hospital and weren’t able to come to church, but we are sure they will go next week.
As far as Veronica's progress... we are starting to see a lot of opposition because her baptismal date is so close. Her mom got really mad at her for being out late one night and now she doesn’t have permission to go to church for a month! We are planning on taking some adult members to be able to talk to her mom. I have faith that everything will turn out ok.
As far as the zone goes, we are seeing a lot of miracles especially in La Salle! They have 6 fechas bautismales (baptisms scheduled) for this Saturday! Its actually a family that Central was teaching earlier! We are happy for the miracles we are seeing here!
Make sure to burn a bunch of fireworks for me! :) Happy 4th of July everyone!

-Elder Hagues

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