Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th Post

This week was the same as last week as far as investigators in the reunion sacramental. My companion and I are really pumped up to work smarter this week so that we will have different results on Sunday.

We found a great investigator last week! His name is Miguel. He is a young guy, like 15 years old, and he is hungry to learn more about the gospel! We taught him about the atonement, repentance and baptism and he was thrilled! He is super excited to get baptized and we just started teaching him! He invited his cousin to church and everything. He was unable to attend this last Sunday, but he is going to come this Sunday. We are going to take some members to fellowship his mom so that he will have permission to go this Sunday. The good thing is that we already know his dad a little bit and he is really nice as well. I’m sure that we can get his dad to listen too.

It rained a lot this week and with that it always brings some adventure into life and of course...miracles! Last Saturday when the rain started to come down really hard my companion, Carlos and i started to run for it to get to our next appointment. When we finally got there we were totally wet and it turns out appointment wasn’t even there. We walked away sadly, but then i had the impression to knock at this house where we knew had lived a less active member. We had tried before to find this less active member, but his family said that he had left months ago and they didn’t even know where he went. With that being said we were not expecting to find Jonathan, the less active there in his house. He ended up accepting us and even invited his girlfriend to listen to our message! We taught about the atonement, repentance, and baptism again and we had very good results! Jonathan’s girlfriend is from another ward so we passed the reference, she accepted the baptismal invitation! We were able to get out of the rain and teach a spiritual lesson (: It was a great experience.

As far as our other investigators go they are all having different problems, but we are sure that they’re going to get back on track. Hernan fell victim to some Word of Wisdom problems for the first time since we’ve taught him and now we can’t find him. We are going to keep praying for him! Veronica’s mom took away her "castigo" of not being able to go to church so she should be able to get back on track soon! Fasting really works! She should be able to get baptized in a couple of weeks.

Teaching about the atonement really opens people up more and we are able to see the investigators more willing to keep their commitments!
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Hagues

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