Friday, July 29, 2016

July 28th ! New calling in the mission!

I forgot to tell all of you that I will be writing on Thursdays now when we have time (:

So this week has been really crazy! It turns out that I am not the secretary of the mission. I got to the offices on Monday and then we went to the mission home. The Assistants, President and I were sitting in his office and President George started talking to me about the mission and cedulas (certificates) and things like that and then out of nowhere he gets up to give me a hug and says, "Well I don’t really want you to be my secretary of cedulas; Will you be my assistant?”...

So it was 4:30 and I was now the new assistant #2 and we started to get to work immediately! We planned the meeting for the new missionaries and did some last transfer things. This week has been pretty crazy to say the least. My new companions name is Elder Prows, from Provo Utah! He’s such a great Elder!
 am so thankful for the opportunity to serve in this recent change as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ.  I feel that in this position I will be able to serve many more people! In these past few days,  I have seen just how much service is performed for the missionaries. I know the mission will achieve a great deal of success as we strengthen ourselves 100%. I am going to seek the guidance of Heavenly Father in everything that we do.  I have seen that it is essential to follow the will of God in all the actions we make because if we don’t we will fall into pride.
The elder here in the office are great. I see that there are many area of opportunity here but elder Prows and I have plans to make sure we are all obedient and working hard! It is essential for us as leaders to be a good example in all that we do.
Today at 4 we took all the elders and sisters who were going home to the airport! This was a generationally large group! Todos eran muy buenos misioneros!

During the week we visited an investigator named Claudia. She is the mother of a recent convert and is very interested. She has some doubts and is committed to achieve her personal and spiritual goals. She accepted a date to be baptized on the 13th of August and is willing to come to Church every Sunday with her son. We had a very spiritual lesson. My companion and I spoke afterwards and basically discussed that even though it went well, we could do better in making our lessons shorter and more direct.

Thats all I can tell you this week, but I'll try to write some more experiences next week! 
Have a great week!

-Elder Hagues

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18th Post

We were able to see a big miracle this week! We were finally able to teach Veronica all of the commandments and she wants to get baptized this week! She came to church again this Sunday and we are planning on baptizing her this weekend. There is some opposition though because her mom doesn’t want to give her permission right now... Today we are going to go see them both and talk about it so that we can get everything figured out for her baptism! Let’s hope that everything goes well!
Another highlight of the week was our recent convert Angel (Nacho) receiving the Aaronic priesthood! He was so excited for the last 2 weeks! He kept saying, "ya voy a recibir el sacerdocio!". So yesterday was a happy day for him! Our other recent convert Laura just received a calling as secretary in the Relief Society too! It should help her out a lot! It’s perfect for her too because she is a secretary for some government organization here in Tuxtla haha.
 My companion and i are worried about transfers because 9 areas are going to closed in the mission, but we are also excited for the challenge! We both know that the mission will keep having a lot of success and keep moving up if we keep working with faith and diligence. This is the Lords work so we shouldn’t be worried about anything (:

We have been having a lot of fun working with the members in our area. All the members are willing to accompany us and they really help out a lot! Ive realized that missionary work is a lot more fun when we have a member with us. Life is just more interesting because we get to know the members more and learn from their lives and experiences.
Yesterday we had a crazy experience! My companion and I had planned to visit a contact we made long ago. We did not know why we felt like we had to go to visit him, but put him on our agenda and we went at 5pm as planned. To our surprise we saw our contact in his truck, angrily trying to enter his home with his truck hitting the gate! When he saw us he turned his truck around and went away totally embarrassed. His wife, who was inside the house called for us and asked for help! She told us that her husband was drunk and she did not want him to enter in because he had promised earlier that he would never drink again. She was very frightened because her husband was behaving very badly with her. She began to cry and thank us because "we fell from heaven". We were able to have a prayer with her and teach her a little gospel. It helped a lot and she accepted an invitation for another visit. After we went left there we found her husband in his car and talked a little with to calm him down also. Actually after this experience we could see ow the Lord is always guiding our steps towards people who need our help. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

La zona va bien. Mas de los Misioneros estan animados para cumplir con sus 21 lecciones con miembro! 21 lecciones con miembro cada semana ha sido el enfoque del presidente george en los ultimos 2 meses! Esas areas que estan haciendolo en la zona estan viendo mucho mas exito!

-Elder Hagues
P.S. Congratulations David! J

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Video ! "The Lord in America"

July 11th Post

This week was the same as last week as far as investigators in the reunion sacramental. My companion and I are really pumped up to work smarter this week so that we will have different results on Sunday.

We found a great investigator last week! His name is Miguel. He is a young guy, like 15 years old, and he is hungry to learn more about the gospel! We taught him about the atonement, repentance and baptism and he was thrilled! He is super excited to get baptized and we just started teaching him! He invited his cousin to church and everything. He was unable to attend this last Sunday, but he is going to come this Sunday. We are going to take some members to fellowship his mom so that he will have permission to go this Sunday. The good thing is that we already know his dad a little bit and he is really nice as well. I’m sure that we can get his dad to listen too.

It rained a lot this week and with that it always brings some adventure into life and of course...miracles! Last Saturday when the rain started to come down really hard my companion, Carlos and i started to run for it to get to our next appointment. When we finally got there we were totally wet and it turns out appointment wasn’t even there. We walked away sadly, but then i had the impression to knock at this house where we knew had lived a less active member. We had tried before to find this less active member, but his family said that he had left months ago and they didn’t even know where he went. With that being said we were not expecting to find Jonathan, the less active there in his house. He ended up accepting us and even invited his girlfriend to listen to our message! We taught about the atonement, repentance, and baptism again and we had very good results! Jonathan’s girlfriend is from another ward so we passed the reference, she accepted the baptismal invitation! We were able to get out of the rain and teach a spiritual lesson (: It was a great experience.

As far as our other investigators go they are all having different problems, but we are sure that they’re going to get back on track. Hernan fell victim to some Word of Wisdom problems for the first time since we’ve taught him and now we can’t find him. We are going to keep praying for him! Veronica’s mom took away her "castigo" of not being able to go to church so she should be able to get back on track soon! Fasting really works! She should be able to get baptized in a couple of weeks.

Teaching about the atonement really opens people up more and we are able to see the investigators more willing to keep their commitments!
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Hagues

Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 4th!

This week was a little down as far as investigators in the reunion sacramental, but we still saw some big miracles yesterday! We had a lot of Less Active members come to church that we have been visiting! My companion and i thought we were going to have a completely different outcome yesterday, but the Lord had something else planned for us.
I was able to do intercambios with Elder Rosas and it was a good experience. I learned quite a few things from him. For example, when i read a scripture to someone i should read it and still make eye contact with the investigator to make sure that they are paying attention or maybe to see if they have a reaction to a certain part of the scripture. He Is a great Elder! Him and his family just got baptized a couple years ago so that was really impressive to me. My companion and i are going to keep helping him gain confidence.
We found 2 investigators that seem to have a lot of promise! Brenda is one of them. She is a single mother that seems to eat up all the information we give her! She really has a hunger for the truth and it seems like if we bring some sisters from the ward to help her out she will be able to progress really quickly! Hernan is another investigator that God literally GAVE to us haha. We were walking down the street one night and a lady called out to us. She said that she had seen an advertisement on one of our churches that our church helps people overcome addictions. So she asked for out help because her son Hernan has been struggling with alcohol. We started to visit Hernan and he has a true desire to let Christ into his life! He has completely stopped drinking since we have visited him and he is reading everything we have given him. The only reason that he didn’t go to church is because his wife is pregnant and she started having pain Sunday morning. They ended up having to go to the hospital and weren’t able to come to church, but we are sure they will go next week.
As far as Veronica's progress... we are starting to see a lot of opposition because her baptismal date is so close. Her mom got really mad at her for being out late one night and now she doesn’t have permission to go to church for a month! We are planning on taking some adult members to be able to talk to her mom. I have faith that everything will turn out ok.
As far as the zone goes, we are seeing a lot of miracles especially in La Salle! They have 6 fechas bautismales (baptisms scheduled) for this Saturday! Its actually a family that Central was teaching earlier! We are happy for the miracles we are seeing here!
Make sure to burn a bunch of fireworks for me! :) Happy 4th of July everyone!

-Elder Hagues