Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6 Post!

This week we worked very well with the members! We're happy because basically everyone was willing to accompany us. We just have to invite them and they are always ready to accept our invitation.

We had a noche de hogar with Laura and a lot of different members and it really helped her out a lot! She was receiving a lot of attacks from her family and because of that she hasnt gotten baptized yet, but now she is being really strong and has her baptismal date for this Saturday! She is really decided now and we are confident that she will get baptized this week. In the noche de hogar we were in a members house and we had 3 other members come to help out Laura too. Each one of the members present had similar experiences to Laura and were able to bare their testimonies to her. It was a very spiritual night and Laura was in shocked by all the support she was receiving. Some of the members there had some really impresive life experiences. 

For example, Sister Santiago was completely regected by her family when she decided to get baptized and her mom said that she didnt want to talk to her until she was dead. Sister Santiago said that she was persistant with her mom and would try hard to serve and love her. As the years passed by her mom eventually accepted her daughter again. 

Also, brother Rosario was able to come with us as well. He is the leader of the high priests. Hno Rosario went to the United States when he was in his 20s and found the church over there. He decided to get baptized and later when he came back to Chiapas he sat his whole family down and his friends and told them about his decision. He was in the JW church before and so as you can imagine they all started to attack him one by one. He said that he was rejected completely by his family and friends because he joined the church and to this day all of them go to the other side of the street when they see him walking down the same street or they change to the farthest seat away from him in the public transport. It was very hard for him and he was completely alone. He expressed that he knew he was following Jesus Christ and so he decided to Dedicate more of his efforts in helping the church of Christ grow. 

These two stories are big testimonies to me of the courage we need as members of the church. 

Nacho has fecha bautismal for the 18th of June and is progressing really well! The youth of the ward have fellowshiped his and he feels like he is part of the group! He really looks like he is going to help out the young men in the ward. 

In the stake we started teaching a new class of Preach my Gospel to the youth and they all really enjoyed it! We enjoyed teaching the class as well and can see that this will help the whole stake in the missionary spirit! 

We will see what happens in the last week of transfers. I think my companion might get changed this transfer. Well have a great week everyone! 

-Elder Hagues

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