Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 13th post

New transfer, new adventure! I feel like every transfer I have in the mission gets better and better. This truly is the work that brings eternal happiness. I am excited to be meet my new companion Elder Granados! I’ve only heard 3 things about him, 1-he is really good 2- he is crazy and 3- he is really funny. I’m excited to have fun and work hard with Elder Granados. I think he might go into culture shock being in the city because he has been in pueblitos his whole mission haha. 

We are planning to baptize Nacho this week and he is really excited! I don’t think I’ve ever had an investigator so excited to be baptized! He is really one of the "escojidos". Yesterday we found a new investigator that went with the testigos before, but right now she is not in any religion. Her name is Mari Lu and i have big hopes with her! She seems to be so sincere and pure, looking for the truth in her life. She is a lonely old lady who lives with her son that has an alcohol problem so I’m pretty sure the gospel is just what she needs! Apparently Elder Jarret and Weaver contacted her a long time ago, but they could never find her house. We were walking down the street one day and she contacted us! She asked us why we didn’t go to visit her yet and we were motivated to go look for her again. We were about to give up, but the spirit guided us to a street nearby and we found a house that described the direction she gave us. Sure enough it was her house! 

Best of all this week was being able to see Laura Karina get baptized! Laura’s story with the church started years ago. Our ward mission leader, brother Gaytan, served here in this mission and our area and one day he gave us a reference of one of his old investigators here in San Jose. We started to visit Laura and she commented to us that when the missionaries stopped visiting her, her life went downhill. She told us that was how she recognized that she needed to get baptized and that this was the true church. When we started teaching her she accepted everything! She had all the required church attendances and so it was just a matter of time before she would get baptized. Just like all baptism stories we need some opposition right? Well sure enough the opposition came from her own home!.... Her husband Mario is a worldly guy who says that he is ok with her going to church and everything, but on the inside he doesn’t like the idea of Laura being religious. Laura received a lot of persecution from her husband and family, but in the end Laura was able to conquer all the obstacles Satan threw at her. 

We feel that the main thing that helped Laura were the members! We had to take a lot of different members to help her out. We always thought, "if Satan and his followers are going to attack her, we need reinforcements!". So we took a sister in out ward, her son, one of her neighbors, the pres. of soc. de soc. and her husband the elders quorum president and another family that lives by her. The night that helped her out a ton was the family home evening that i talked about in my last letter. It just shows that we need to fight harder than ever for our baptisms now. 

The baptismal service went really well and the sisters from Teran also baptized with us. Brother/ Elder Gaytan was able to baptize Laura which was very special! The spirit was really strong when she bore her testimony at the end of the baptismal service. 

Have a great week everyone! 

-Elder Hagues

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