Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2 Post ` Baptism!

This week was amazing! Actually we saw a very big miracle this week. Jose Martin Lopez De los Santos was baptized and now his name is perfect! Martin came to the chapel with his wife Carmelita Sunday in November 2015. Elder Jarrett and I started teaching and he began to progress reading the Book of Mormon a little. From the beginning Martin had the desire to go to the temple one day to be sealed as a family and do the work for his family. Both his parents died when he was young when I hear a lot of the temples excited ! Everything was going well for her baptismal date on December 26 but he started working as a taxi driver and we could never find him at home. Teaching didn't progress and in the end we had to leave because neither could get to church on Sundays . We always tried maintain contact with him and just hoped that one day he would be able to be baptized.

About a month ago, Elder Thomson and I were walking home and saw that he was at home. The 2 of us stood in the street and we asked ourselves, "should we try to teach him again?" Right when I said that Carmelita called out for us to go and teach her husband again. Carmelita never doubted that his time was coming. We talked with Martin and it happened that he would no longer work in the taxi as much as before and wanted to listen again! We started to finish the discussions and he seemed to accept everything, but he still had trouble accepting a baptismal date ... His "iceburg" that prevented him from being baptized was his testimony of Joseph Smith. One night we invited him to pray at that time to see if it was true and whether he should be baptized and accept! We felt very strong spirit at that time. When he finished his prayer he was still not convinced though he said he felt the spirit for a brief moment. He knew that the Spirit had testified to that was true, but because it was a very fast feeling, he still doubted. After a few more days he accepted that Joseph Smith was a prophet and accepted to be interviewed. Still though, he was undecided about being baptised.
At the end of his baptismal interview he was much more sure about the truthfulness of what we had taught him and we set a baptismal date for April 30. The Spirit helped him during the days before his baptism and was finally able to achieve his goal of being baptized. There was certainly some opposition before his baptism but in the end the Lord helped him and everything went well! After his baptism and confirmation, Martin was very happy and grateful. Everyone was happy in the neighborhood, knowing that there would be more priesthood! We believe that what helped him most was his desire to go to the temple and be an eternal family. Carmelita of course is very happy and hopefully Martin also can receive the priesthood this Sunday

There are transfers tomorrow! I'm going to Tuxtla Mactumatza again! haha im going to be in 2 zones my whole mission i think! The other weird thing is that I'm going to be companions with Elder Jarrett again! We are still zone leaders. It should be an interesting experience because its the biggest zone in the mission. wish me luck!!! 

im going to cry leaving Tapachula... 

-Elder Hagues

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