Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Mothers Day post (May 8th)

Yesterday, May 8th, we had a missionary conference at the stake center that we prepared with the stake president and high councilor in charge of missionary work. At the conference we had a video presentation of all the ex-missionaries in the stake! After all ex-missionaries were invited to come and say their names, where they served in that year and to give a brief description describing their mission.
There were also testimonies of converts, ex-missionaries, senior missionaries and future missionaries. We were responsible for a large part of the conference where we did as a little role playing to show the importance of Preach My Gospel, References, member present lessons, fellowshipping in the chapel and new member progress report.
During the role play we paused often so that some missionaries could explain to the members some of the things that we were putting into practice (from Preach My Gospel, etc.). At the end of the conference President George provided some final instructions and teachings. President Gonzalez, our stake president, also shared his testimony. At the end we all sang “Called to Serve” the first verse being sung only by current missionaries and then the second with ex-missionaries joining in and then the last 2 verses with everyone together. It was like the spirit levels rising up with every verse!!
The spirit was so strong at that meeting that I thought we were going to fly! My companion and I were so very grateful to the Lord for He was the reason why it turned out so well! We are even more encouraged because our (stake) President Gonzalez is INCREDIBLE! He knows how to work and has a very big vision for the stake! When members are encouraged the work goes very well!!
We believe that many of the members will be encouraged and get to work with great diligence. I saw yesterday that the Lord will never allow the work to fail (because we had not even practiced a special musical number that we presented at the conference and it still turned out really even with just a very small missionary choir. I had to be the director too! It was super improvised but it worked!
We have 3 investigators that are doing really well right now so we hope that they can keep going strong!

Happy Mother’s day everyone!!!! (:
-Elder Hagues

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