Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25th Bautismo!

Well this week was pretty crazy because our investigator Cecia was going to move with her mom to some rancho in the middle of nowhere and we were going to lose all contact with them! The owner where they were renting kicked them out of there house on Thursday and we were looking for a house for them to stay in in our area. We luckily found a member in our ward that agreed to lend them a small house that he has! We were so grateful and especially Cecia, her mom Dilcia and her brother. Thanks to this member we were able to keep them here and baptize Cecia on Saturday! 

The ward was happy for the baptism and a lot of members showed up. Dilcia gave the opening prayer and gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for helping her daughter make the decicion to be baptized. Elder Thomson baptized her and she was really happy during the whole baptismal service! The nest day during her confermation she really looked like a new person. It was really an amazing experience to be able to help her on her path toward the celestial kingdom. 

What really helped Cecia progress so rapidly was her reading of the Book of Mormon. In our first visit we gave her the Book of Mormon and she started reading 3 Nefi 11 and continued to read a lot throughout our teaching! In the second visit we had with her she already felt and knew that the Book of Mormon was the word of God and that this was the true church. The promise in Moroni 10 was put into effect quickly in her conversion. 

We were able to take another one of our investigators (Dorian) to church this week too and he should be able to get baptized this Saturday if we get permission from his parents! Its sad to see that there are many youth in the zone that want to get baptized and follow our Saviors example and their parents impede them from progressing... 

Martin is ready for baptism, but he doesn't want to accept  it yet. We are trying to help him follow the answers he has gotten from God because he has definitely received a testimony of the church. We will try to baptize him this Saturday too! 

I'm going to enjoy this last week of transfers! 

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