Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18th Post Lluvia!

Well my companion and i are excited to be here in Tapachula right now for 2 reasons. 1-We have some progressing investigators and 2-It rained for the first time last night in like 4 months! We are very grateful for the blessings God has given us! 

Yesterday one of our investigators, Cesia, was able to come to church again. Cesia and her mom Dilcia are from Honduras and they are basically like refugees here in Tapachula. Honderus is really dangerous right now. They just got here about a month ago and Dilcia was praying to be able to find a church to go to and that same day we found them! Dilcia is actually a member of out church, but has been inactive for 30 years! When we found her she was ready to come back to church and told us from the start that she was Mormon! Her daughter Cesia is 14 years old and is really smart! When we gave her the Book of Mormon she started eating it up. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and like all who read it with real intent and sincerity, she gained a testimony and is excited to be baptized the 30th of April! There is another sister in out ward from Honduras that lives close to them and we started to take her with us on our appointments and now we are having all of our lessons in the house of this member! Members really are the key to baptizing. 

Martin is going good and he finally accepted a baptismal date for the 7th of May! He came to church yesterday. We are going to see if we can baptize him sooner because he already has a testimony and has been to church 8 times. 

Unfortunately the 3 jovenes that we were going to baptize this Saturday didn't come to church, so we aren't going to be able to baptize them. We will see what happens with them. 

We found a less active youth this week (Ernesto) and we were able to take the only truly active young man that we have in our ward to see him! Ernesto came to church and is now preparing to get the aaronic priesthood! We are pretty excited to have 2 strong young men in the ward haha. He seems to be really excited to come back to church. We should be going out on visits with him this week too. 

While i studied the Book of Mormon this week the main message that i got out of it was that we need to be humble and avoid pride at all costs! Pride is the root of all evil, not money haha. I hope that i can get rid of all of my pride becuase like Alma says in Alma chapter 5, if we are not stripped of our pride, we are not prepared to meet God. With all of the things happening in the world right now... we really need to start preparing! 

Elder Thomson and I are going to change some things in the zone so that we can have more success. We are both excited to start this new week and we are committed to work even harder so that we can see miracles! 

-Elder Hagues

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