Friday, March 25, 2016

March 21 post

Well im happy to be staying here in Tapachula another transfer! Im excited to because we should have a baptism this week if Guadalupe can pass the interview. She wasn't able to get baptized last week as planned, but she is still really excited for this Saturday and she is inviting everyone to her baptism. There is actually an old investigator that i taught in the centro a year ago that she invited and he says that he is coming so it should be good to see him again. I hope that her oldest son comes because he is a less active member from the other stake and i know that baptismal services can really help people be get excited to come back. 
We had a really spiritual experience on Saturday with an investigator that prayed and asked if the church was true. We felt the spirit so strongly during that prayer and we knew that he had felt it too. I really liked what Elder Bednar taught about in the world training broadcast when he said that we should just tell the investigators that what they felt was the spirit, but allow them  to try and explain what they felt for themselves. After the prayer we asked him some questions of how he felt and he really recognized for himself that he received an answer from God that the church was true! I know that the spirit is the key to conversion. 

We had an activity this Saturday that was an "Open House" where we had all of the leaders of the "organizaciones auxiliares" in different rooms and the people that came filed in through the rooms to see what is done in the church. It turned out really well and we ended up doing 4 different sessions, o sea cuatro recorridos de la capilla. 

The zone stayed pretty much the same so we are going to keep up with the animo and look for more miracles! 

This morning i read a talk from Thomas S. Monson and decided to ask God with faith once again if Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet of God. I didnt even have to finish asking Heavenly Father before i felt an overflow of the spirit. I know that he is truly a prophet of God. A man once asked me in the street why i would ask God if the Book of Mormon was true multiple times because he felt that i would just be doubting if i did that.

I know that if we ask if the Book of Mormon is true or if Thomas S Monson were a prophet, we will feel that same spirit we felt the first time we asked with sincerity and our testimony will grow stronger. The spirit is the key to conversion. 

Love you all!  

-Elder Hagues


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