Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter, Feliz dia de la Pascua

This week was full of excitement and the spirit. With the week of "semana santa" we saw some interesting things happening in the street performed by many different religions. We were able to see this big group of people following a man carrying a cross down the streets of Tapachula and that was really amazing! In this place called Union Juarez they actually crucify someone to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Even though we all have different ideas about the atonement of Jesus Christ, i appreciated the respect that everyone tributed to Christs sacrifice last week. 

We had to do a lot of teaching to one of our investigators so that she could get baptized last Saturday, but in the end she was able to pass the interview and made a covenant with the Lord to serve him to the end. Guadalupe was a reference that we had from a brother in the stake. One Sunday morning we came to church and we found the brother there waiting for Guadalupe to come. Right from the start she started to progress and we could really feel the faith she has in our savior Jesus Christ. Guadalupe has a very difficult sickness in her kidneys and is really in a fragile state of health right now, but that did not keep her from coming to church every Sunday. We gave her some priesthood blessings throughout her journey to baptism and she had so much faith that she would improve a lot in health after every blessing. In the weeks prior to her baptism she gained her testimony by reading the Book of Mormon. 

She said that as she read the Book of Mormon all of her problems and pains would go away. She would feel PEACE in the middle of her dificult and challenging life. I know that thanks to her faith she was able to recieve a testimony in the Book of Mormon quickly and also in the preisthood. Even before she was baptize she payed her tithing and offered to feed us in the month of April!

Guadalupe has really had a hard life and has made many wrong decisions, but thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ she has started a NEW LIFE. 

With her strong testimony and the faith that she has in the Lord i know that she will conquer the tribulations in her life. I know that the Book of Mormon brings peace into our lives. I recognize that the Lord did all the work. I know that this is HIS work and we have the privilege of riding on the train with him, like president Morgan taught us in mission prep. CRISTO VIVE! Se que El dirige este obra. 

have an amazing week everyone! 

-Elder Hagues

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