Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Happy Easter, Feliz dia de la Pascua

This week was full of excitement and the spirit. With the week of "semana santa" we saw some interesting things happening in the street performed by many different religions. We were able to see this big group of people following a man carrying a cross down the streets of Tapachula and that was really amazing! In this place called Union Juarez they actually crucify someone to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Even though we all have different ideas about the atonement of Jesus Christ, i appreciated the respect that everyone tributed to Christs sacrifice last week. 

We had to do a lot of teaching to one of our investigators so that she could get baptized last Saturday, but in the end she was able to pass the interview and made a covenant with the Lord to serve him to the end. Guadalupe was a reference that we had from a brother in the stake. One Sunday morning we came to church and we found the brother there waiting for Guadalupe to come. Right from the start she started to progress and we could really feel the faith she has in our savior Jesus Christ. Guadalupe has a very difficult sickness in her kidneys and is really in a fragile state of health right now, but that did not keep her from coming to church every Sunday. We gave her some priesthood blessings throughout her journey to baptism and she had so much faith that she would improve a lot in health after every blessing. In the weeks prior to her baptism she gained her testimony by reading the Book of Mormon. 

She said that as she read the Book of Mormon all of her problems and pains would go away. She would feel PEACE in the middle of her dificult and challenging life. I know that thanks to her faith she was able to recieve a testimony in the Book of Mormon quickly and also in the preisthood. Even before she was baptize she payed her tithing and offered to feed us in the month of April!

Guadalupe has really had a hard life and has made many wrong decisions, but thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ she has started a NEW LIFE. 

With her strong testimony and the faith that she has in the Lord i know that she will conquer the tribulations in her life. I know that the Book of Mormon brings peace into our lives. I recognize that the Lord did all the work. I know that this is HIS work and we have the privilege of riding on the train with him, like president Morgan taught us in mission prep. CRISTO VIVE! Se que El dirige este obra. 

have an amazing week everyone! 

-Elder Hagues

Friday, March 25, 2016

Recent Pics

March 21 post

Well im happy to be staying here in Tapachula another transfer! Im excited to because we should have a baptism this week if Guadalupe can pass the interview. She wasn't able to get baptized last week as planned, but she is still really excited for this Saturday and she is inviting everyone to her baptism. There is actually an old investigator that i taught in the centro a year ago that she invited and he says that he is coming so it should be good to see him again. I hope that her oldest son comes because he is a less active member from the other stake and i know that baptismal services can really help people be get excited to come back. 
We had a really spiritual experience on Saturday with an investigator that prayed and asked if the church was true. We felt the spirit so strongly during that prayer and we knew that he had felt it too. I really liked what Elder Bednar taught about in the world training broadcast when he said that we should just tell the investigators that what they felt was the spirit, but allow them  to try and explain what they felt for themselves. After the prayer we asked him some questions of how he felt and he really recognized for himself that he received an answer from God that the church was true! I know that the spirit is the key to conversion. 

We had an activity this Saturday that was an "Open House" where we had all of the leaders of the "organizaciones auxiliares" in different rooms and the people that came filed in through the rooms to see what is done in the church. It turned out really well and we ended up doing 4 different sessions, o sea cuatro recorridos de la capilla. 

The zone stayed pretty much the same so we are going to keep up with the animo and look for more miracles! 

This morning i read a talk from Thomas S. Monson and decided to ask God with faith once again if Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet of God. I didnt even have to finish asking Heavenly Father before i felt an overflow of the spirit. I know that he is truly a prophet of God. A man once asked me in the street why i would ask God if the Book of Mormon was true multiple times because he felt that i would just be doubting if i did that.

I know that if we ask if the Book of Mormon is true or if Thomas S Monson were a prophet, we will feel that same spirit we felt the first time we asked with sincerity and our testimony will grow stronger. The spirit is the key to conversion. 

Love you all!  

-Elder Hagues


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to Elder Hagues! March 19

Well this week we are really happy with the work the zone is putting out. We are starting to work a lot more with the members now and i think we had more lessons with member in my whole time here in the zone! We are going to try keep it up because the members are the key to success. My companion and i are really happy because we have 2 baptisms planned for this Saturday. and some of the other areas are going to baptize as well! 

We are praying for the zona en Chojolo so that they can meet there goal to baptize 50 on the 19th of March! We are all hoping that the mission will baptize a lot. With the new innitiative for Easter we are going to see some miracles here. 

We had 7 investigators come to church this Sunday and we are hoping that they can keep progressing. We found these 3 brothers from Honduras and they have come 2 times in a row now! They are 12, 14 and 16 years old so we hope to baptize all 3 of them because this ward needs a lot more young men. There mom is ok with them coming too because she has a niece that is serving a mission!  

It rained a little bit down here yesterday so i hope that it starts to rain more. All that the rain did yesterday was make it more humid haha. 

Last night there were a bunch of these big ants in out house and we started to attack them, but we didnt know that some of them could fly....it was a fun adventure haha the bug spray and broom ended up winning in the end (: 

I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Hagues

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fotos del 7 de Marzo

March 7 Post

This week went really well and we were able to have a successful zone meeting. Everyone was excited for the new phones that we received. The best part of this weekend was definitely our stake conference. The spirit was strong and i was able to see a lot of the members from my first area which was fun. I felt like Ammon in Alma 26 for a second when I saw some of the members. The biggest impact that the conference had on my was hearing the importance of the atonement being expressed over and over. With Easter coming up and semana santa I feel the spirit like a fire in the air. Also the heat is increasing every day here in Tapachula haha. 

We are going to teach a lot about the atonement in these weeks so that the people here will be able to feel the importance of Easter. It is sad to see that a lot of the people just see it as another day to have parties, when they are really missing out on the big picture. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ because i am able to find peace in a world of distraction and hate. 

Guadalupe, one of our investigators is progressing still and we are happy about that. She has fecha bautismal for the 19th of March. 

The zone if working more with the members and I feel that we are going to see a lot of miracles if we keep this up. Somthing really important that my companion and i have been doing is completing out daily goals. We put our daily goals for a reason and sometimes we settle for less, but we have really been working hard to accomplish our daily and weekly goals and the results of the efforts are coming! 

-Elder Hagues

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Baptism Picture of Jose Antonio

Noticias en Espanol!

Estoy tan agradecido con Nuestro Padre Celestial porque en esta semana pudimos ver a dos de sus hijos ser bautizados en su iglesia restaurado. Hubo unos obstáculos, pero en el final la voluntad de Dios se cumplió. Jose Antonio y Juan Jesus son unos chicos muy buenos. La verdad los dos ya estaban muy preparados y tenian hambre para aprender mas del evangelio tan pronto cuando espesamos a enseñar. Los dos tuvieron una gran ayudo de unos miembros en nuestro barrio. Cada milagro que sucede en la mision tiene que tener un miembro involucrado. 

Jose Antonio es un chico de 11 años y es familia de unos miembros que viven cerca. El hno. Manual *, quien lo bautizo, tenia un gran parte en su conversión. Manuel llevo a Jose a jugar futbol en la capilla una semana y ese Domingo decidió asistir tambien. Acepto una fecha bautismal rápidamente y empezamos la enseñanza. No habia problemas hasta las ultimas semanas de su enseñanza. Su fecha era para el 20 de Febrero pero tenia problemas tomando cafe. Cuando le dijimos que no pudo ser bautizado el 20 de Febrero porque habia tomado cafe, se arrepintió sinceramente y nunca mas tomo el cafe para que el pudiera alcanzar su meta de ser bautizado. Fuimos a pedir permiso de sus padres y costo un poquito porque el dia anterior Jose se habia portado mal y no querian darle el permiso para ir a la iglesia o ser bautizado. Despues de compartir unas escrituras y escuchar el testimonion del hno. Manuel y la presidenta de primaria, sus padres le dieron permiso y fueron a su bautismo! Lo mejor de todo es que Jose esta muy animado para seguir firme en la iglesia y ser misionero algun dia. Tuvimos una actividad de "Rescate" ayer en la tarde y el hno. Manuel trajo a Jose y los dos fueron a visitar unos menos activos juntos. Fue increíble! 

Juan Jesus, 10 años, realmente fue un milagro por haberlo encontrado. Elder Jarrett y yo estabamos contactando enfrente de la capilla y conocimos a Juan. Desde el principio acepto fecha para el 27 de Febrero y su fecha nunca callo! Mientras que estábamos enseñándolo por primera vez descubrimos que el tambien tenia familia que eran miembros. Su tio que vive al lado se llama Jose Manuel y el era menos activo por años! Fuimos a visitar a Jose Manuel otra vez y le dijimos que su sobrino se iba a ser bautizado! Esto le animo mucho y empezo a ayudar Juan! Ellos llegaron muchos Domingos enseguidos y nunca faltaban. Juan le encanta leer el Libro de Mormon y eso le ayudo mucho a progresar hacia su bautismo. Realmente no había complicaciones con su bautismo hasta que tuvimos que sacar el permiso de sus padres. Era una situacion similar al de Jose pero en el final como Jose, pudimos sacar la firma de su padres. Se bautizo el 27 de Febrero. 

Realmente pude ver que habia mas luz en sus ojos y despues de que recibieron el Don del Espiritu Santo eran como unos rallos de luz sonriendo a todos! 

Realmente no son mis conversos. Son los del Señor. Yo se que el Seños hace su obra y nosotros solo somos instrumentos en sus manos. Que maravilloso es ser un instrumento en las manos del Señor! Me encanta las palabras del himno La Luz de Dios que dice, " La luz de Dios hace crecer el árbol y la flor, y da a nuestros corazones confianza y amor. Padre, danos hoy Tu luz para poder ver. Nuestros ojos abre ya; haznos comprender. Nuestra es la gran mision de hacer la luz brillar, y el mensaje del SEÑOR a todos predicar". 

gracias por todo amigos y familia. 

-Elder Hagues