Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb 8, 2016

My new companion's name is Elder Thomson. He is from Utah....hahah (: Ive had a lot of Utah companions! He is from this place called Brigham city. He has 18 months in his mission. He's pretty tall too! Hes a good guy and I'm pretty sure we are going to have a lot of success together. 

This week Elder Thomson and I walked a lot. For some reason a lot of our citas fell, but we ended up finding some people that are interested in the message! We are pretty excited because we should baptize some jovenes this month! 2 of them are basically members already. 

One of them is Juanito. Juanito is family of a less active member. When we gave Juanito a Book of Mormon he went to his less active uncle and started to ask him questions about the Book of Mormon! In result of juanitos curiosity of the Book of Mormon, this inactive uncle is now active! They both have planned to read the Book of Mormon together every night (: Juanito is going to be a good missionary. 

The other joven is Jose Antonio and he is already going out on visits with us and he isnt even a member yet! He is also family of some members and is embracing the gospel to the fullest! He comes to all of our ward activities and everything. Part of our Plan De La Obra de Salvacion en barrio Jardines is to have activities every Saturday at 5pm. So far it is going really well! 

The ward here has been really weak for the last couple of years, but the ward is starting to progress really well. We've had an assisitance (church attendance) of 65 two weeks in a row and there are a lot of members working with us. We have a lot of hope right now. 

This week Elder Oaks is coming to Tuxtla Gutierrez! The whole mission is going to be able to go so we are really excited! We are going to leave Tapachula like at 12 at night and get there in the morning and then come right back to Tapachula when it ends. It should be a good trip, but I hope I can sleep on the way haha... 

I hope you all are doing well! Have a great week! 

My scripture of the week is Alma 5:33-34. 

-Elder Hagues

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