Friday, January 29, 2016

January 25, 2016

Well this week was truly special. Being able to hear from Elder Toris was a real honor! He had such an amazing spirit and we all really learned a lot from him. What really impressed me from my Preach My Gospel studying and from what he was saying was about the importance our planning and studying has. Basically is we study well we will be able to complete with our missionary purpose, but if not it can ruin everything! 

It was amazing to see the knowledge that Elder Toris had of the scriptures. One day i hope to be able to see the scriptures with such a perspective and understanding. 

With it being the last week of transfers we are pretty excited to see who is going to come to the zone. We are pretty sure that a lot of the companionships are going to be changed, but we will see what happens. 

We went up to Tuxtla on friday and Saturday and it was super cold! I thought i was going to get frostbite! It was definitely a good 67 degrees.... I dont know how those people in Idaho do it (; 

I love all of you and i hope you have a great week! 

-Elder Hagues

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