Monday, December 7, 2015

Prideful Bee (Abeja Orgullosa)

La verdad estamos muy felices en este semana porque la zona trabajaron muy bien! Ha sido la mejor semana que he visto aqui desde que he llegado. En la zona tuvimos 2 bautismos la semana pesada y tenemos muchos mas planeados por este mes de Diciembre. 

Yesterday my companion and i were able to share a musical number with our ward. It was an arrangement of "O come o come Emmanuel". It really filled the room with the spirit. The testimonies were really spiritual too. The most amazing miracle is that 2 of our families we have been teaching came! In the morning we went for one of our families and they just weren’t answering the door... after a while the dad finally came out and told us that they would meet us there. At this point we were pretty bummed because whenever they say that they usually don’t come. But, during the sacrament meeting they walked in and my heart almost stopped! It’s a family of 4 and 3 are of the age to be baptized. Frida, the eldest daughter of the family also came with us two weeks ago, but this week it was the whole family! They all loved it too. The father of the family, Jorge, really enjoyed everything and they stayed all 3 hours. Martin another one of our investigators just came for his 4th Sunday and he is really excited to get baptized. We should be baptizing him the 26th of December. Miracles happen every day. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much it’s difficult to understand. 

I had a funny story this morning too. Well my companion and I are going to the gym every morning and because it is pretty far away we need to run there. Well on the way back I saw this black thing fly into my leg and then it started to chase me. I started running faster and faster but it got to me and stung my leg! haha It was just a bee.

Thankfully I’m not allergic! I was kind of scared because I still wasn’t sure if I was or not. I titled this email "prideful bee" because I felt like the little guy was being a little prideful... I mean I was just running along and it ran into me and just decided to sting me! But I can probably make a talk about this because I can compare this to prideful people. In the end the prideful bee just dies.... Overall it was an exciting morning. 

love you all, 

-Elder Hagues

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