Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 49!

Well the first week back here in Tapachula has been really enjoyable. Tapachula still smells the same and the heat is strong as ever! The rain is helping us keep cool though. Elder Jarrett is an amazing missionary and he and I are relying a lot on our Heavenly Father. We have been praying before making practically any decision. I feel like this will help us be more in tune with the spirit and will allow us to discern the will of our Heavenly Father.

We put a goal as a zone to be able to baptize 2 families this 25th of December! We are going to call it "Blanca Navidad". I am excited to work with more faith and see the miracles that our Father has in store for this zone.

It has been really special seeing some people that I know from my last ward here in Central. The good thing is I know quite a bit about this zone, so it should go well as far as knowing directions. There have been some hermanas in the zone that are sick, but they are doing a lot better now. We are all excited to work hard this week.

-Elder Hagues

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