Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 48

Well these 4 transfers in Juarez have helped me grow and become more converted to this wonderful gospel.

I am excited for the new opportunity I have to serve as zone leader in my old zone Tapachula Mexico! It should be a wonderful experience and a challenging one as well.

This week we had the privilege of baptizing Amauri Jimenez Garcia. Amauri is the 18 young man that we met a couple weeks ago that was waiting for us in the church building. Amauri was truly special to work with. He has a lot of faith in the Lord and a strong desire to follow him. Previously he had plans to go around preaching in all the other churches, but over these last weeks the spirit has worked within him and taught him that there is order in the church of Christ and that he will learn over time how he is meant to preach the gospel. This experience has shown me that the field truly is "white and all ready to harvest".

I am grateful for the Holy Ghost that teaches TRUTH to our hearts. If it weren't for this third member of the godhead it would be impossible to know the truth of all things and become like our Heavenly Father.

In the baptismal service Amauris little sister and mom came and both of them felt this spirit in their hearts. His sisters name is Itzel and she came to church yesterday too! She says that she loved it and wants to come more and more! She accepted a baptismal date for the 12th of December! I am impressed by the missionary work Amauri is already doing in him family! He will make a great missionary.

-Elder Hagues

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