Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everything went well this week. We went on split with Tapachula and I went with Elder Legorreta. Elder Legorreta is pure and full of love. I enjoy spending the day with him. We worked hard and a few youth accepted our invitation to be baptized during the day. Elder Legorreta that he is fine in his new area, but is still getting used to it. It is still raining like every day but I think it will stop soon. 

My companion and I have been fasting and praying a lot to achieve a goal which we set as a zone, to baptize 2 families on the 26th of December! We are going to set up an activity as a stake and call it "white Christmas", where we will have a lot of music, videos, talks and baptisms!! We will be working hard to make it work and see results.We have a few strong investigators and their names are Martin, Freeda y Azul! All 3 can be baptized on our December 26 activity or maybe even sooner. We will see how they progress. We don't have a ward mission leader but if we baptize Martin, he can be called to that position. He is smart and ready.. 
Elder Jarrett and I set a goal of reaching 200 contacts for this week and we made it! Actually it was becuase our Heavenly Father made it possible because he placed a large number of persons in our paths in spite of all the rain that has been falling.. Last night we only needed 4 more contacts and we only had a 1/2 hour left in the day.It was raining and no one was in the street. But I prayed so that 4 people could just appear and then, we found them. Heavenly Father answered my prayer quick! 

This week I am so thankful for the gospel and everything it has given me. This week I am going to thank Heavenly Father for everything.  Happy Thanksgiving! 
-Elder Hagues

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 49 Pics with Elder Jarrett (new Companion!)

Week 49!

Well the first week back here in Tapachula has been really enjoyable. Tapachula still smells the same and the heat is strong as ever! The rain is helping us keep cool though. Elder Jarrett is an amazing missionary and he and I are relying a lot on our Heavenly Father. We have been praying before making practically any decision. I feel like this will help us be more in tune with the spirit and will allow us to discern the will of our Heavenly Father.

We put a goal as a zone to be able to baptize 2 families this 25th of December! We are going to call it "Blanca Navidad". I am excited to work with more faith and see the miracles that our Father has in store for this zone.

It has been really special seeing some people that I know from my last ward here in Central. The good thing is I know quite a bit about this zone, so it should go well as far as knowing directions. There have been some hermanas in the zone that are sick, but they are doing a lot better now. We are all excited to work hard this week.

-Elder Hagues

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lots of pics ! and a Baptism !

Week 48

Well these 4 transfers in Juarez have helped me grow and become more converted to this wonderful gospel.

I am excited for the new opportunity I have to serve as zone leader in my old zone Tapachula Mexico! It should be a wonderful experience and a challenging one as well.

This week we had the privilege of baptizing Amauri Jimenez Garcia. Amauri is the 18 young man that we met a couple weeks ago that was waiting for us in the church building. Amauri was truly special to work with. He has a lot of faith in the Lord and a strong desire to follow him. Previously he had plans to go around preaching in all the other churches, but over these last weeks the spirit has worked within him and taught him that there is order in the church of Christ and that he will learn over time how he is meant to preach the gospel. This experience has shown me that the field truly is "white and all ready to harvest".

I am grateful for the Holy Ghost that teaches TRUTH to our hearts. If it weren't for this third member of the godhead it would be impossible to know the truth of all things and become like our Heavenly Father.

In the baptismal service Amauris little sister and mom came and both of them felt this spirit in their hearts. His sisters name is Itzel and she came to church yesterday too! She says that she loved it and wants to come more and more! She accepted a baptismal date for the 12th of December! I am impressed by the missionary work Amauri is already doing in him family! He will make a great missionary.

-Elder Hagues

Week 47

This was the week of training where Elder Juarez had to take the initiative in everything, teaching, planning, etc. It went really well and I feel that Elder Juarez made some good progress and he gained more confidence. He has a lot of work ahead of him to improve initiating his contacts, but he did really well this week.

We gave some service to this lady taking out a lot of dirt from the sidewalk by her house and that was pretty fun. After about an hour of work we were pretty sweety! The good thing though is she let us teach a little bit to her and we have another appointment to teach her more today. Service is a good way of finding new people to teach.

This week I studied about repentance in the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson and it really impacted me. I felt the spirit strongly reading his words and i found answers to a lot of questions ive had! One point that he brought up that i will always remember is that the first step to true repentance is recognizing that Gods plan is the ONLY way to bring true everlasting happiness. There is no other way. It is interesting because i also read the story of the prodigals son this week and realized that many times we act like the brother of the prodigal's son. When the prodigal's son came back his brother was angry because they threw him a party even though he wasted all of his dads money having "fun"... that's where we fall into the error. Thinking that sin is happiness or "fun". His dad taught him, and us, a wise lesson when he said that his son was "muerto" but was now alive again! Wickedness truly never was and never will be happiness.

Love you all!

-Elder Hagues