Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 46

En este semana nos fue bien, a pesar de las dificultades seguimos trabajando duro y estamos felices en la obra! Ayer nuestra asistencia en la capilla fue 77! No ha estado tan alto desde que yo llegue. Muchos menos activos que hemos estado enseƱando por fin vinieron a la capilla. Tal ves fue por el cambio de horario que ayudo a muchos jaja.

(This week went well, in spite of the difficulties we are working hard and happy to be in this work! Yesterday our church attendance was 77! It has not been that high since I have been here. At last, quite a few less active members, which we have been working with came to Church! Maybe it was because the schedule changed which helped them out, ha ha?)

We found a family this last week and they are all looking really good! Its a family of 6 and one of the kids is already a member. Only 3 of the kids were able to go yesterday , but their parents should be going next week. It was really amazing because of of the daughters is only 7 and she is already really excited to learn more about the gospel. When we were walking to church her older brother (12 years old), with is arm around his little sister guiding her to church, asks me, "you guys are going to baptize the 28th of November right?", I said yes and then he said, "that's good because Jimena turns 8 on the 27th of November"! I couldn't believe it! This family of 5 will be accepting the gospel for the first time and 1 of them is coming back after a long time of being away.

The Lord is truly preparing people to receive the restored gospel, we just need to keep praying and looking for them.

This is week 11 of training Elder Juarez. It should go well.

-Elder Hagues

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