Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 43 !! Baptism !!

This week can only be described with one word: Gratitude. Conference was full of the spirit! My desire to become more like Christ has grown and i received answers to my prayers. The 3 new apostles are truly called of God. It is amazing to see how much faith our beloved prophet Thomas S Monson has. 

After conference yesterday evening we had the amazing opportunity to baptize Yarely Estudillo Vazquez!

Yarely is an amazing woman. Although she is only 21 years old she is spiritually strong and receptive to the spirit. The story of getting to know her began a little over a month ago and the experience was truly a miracle. She is married to a less active who is also family of someone from my ward in Tapachula! We first met him about 3 months ago when he came to church to give his two sons their baby blessings. Saying that he was less active he was not able to perform the blessing, but was still extremely grateful to have it done. I could feel his desire to come back to the fold so i passed the reference to the sisters in our ward. When Elder Juarez and i adopted the area of the sisters last transfer we decided to go find him. We found his house, but only his wife was present. We started to get to know her and found out that she wasn't a member! We taught her right there and she accepted everything! Yarely had truly been prepared. 

After getting to know Yarely more in the following weeks we found out that in the past other missionaries had taught her, but for some a variety of reasons never got baptized. The Lord was preparing her over the years and I feel that in particular she was finally ready to receive the gospel after a big trial she recently had. 

About 2 months ago her little baby received 2 terrible sicknesses at the same time! Chingungunia and Barisela. This baby was on the verge of dying when the bishop and the hermano Tito Caballero came to there house to give the baby a blessing. Thanks to the power of the priesthood and the faith that these 2 brothers had, the baby was healed in just under a week! 

After hearing this experience, I KNOW that trials are meant for our benefit. Yarely was able to see the power of the priesthood before we came to her doorstep and so when we arrived, she already had a testimony of the priesthood power of God. That being said the teaching was fairly easy because she accepted everything that we taught! She only had one doubt about the church that impeded her to make the final decision to be baptized. Her doubt was centered in the history of the church when polygamy was practiced. I knew that this doubt could only be resolved if she gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. So on September 26th she finally committed that she would pray and ask God, our eternal father, in the name of Christ if it was all true. The 28th of September we came back and asked her about her prayer. She responded, "Cuando yo ore, todas mis dudas fueron borrados. No puedo explicar lo que senti". The spirit filled the room as we testified that what she felt was the spirit. 

With all of her doubts gone she decided to descend into the waters of baptism and follow the example of Jesus Christ. After I performed the ordinance I knelt down in the bathroom and just prayed and cried thanking God for the amazing miracle he showed us. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. I know that his Son died for us so that we too may become perfected as He was. 

-Elder Hagues

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