Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 46 pics

Week 46

En este semana nos fue bien, a pesar de las dificultades seguimos trabajando duro y estamos felices en la obra! Ayer nuestra asistencia en la capilla fue 77! No ha estado tan alto desde que yo llegue. Muchos menos activos que hemos estado enseƱando por fin vinieron a la capilla. Tal ves fue por el cambio de horario que ayudo a muchos jaja.

(This week went well, in spite of the difficulties we are working hard and happy to be in this work! Yesterday our church attendance was 77! It has not been that high since I have been here. At last, quite a few less active members, which we have been working with came to Church! Maybe it was because the schedule changed which helped them out, ha ha?)

We found a family this last week and they are all looking really good! Its a family of 6 and one of the kids is already a member. Only 3 of the kids were able to go yesterday , but their parents should be going next week. It was really amazing because of of the daughters is only 7 and she is already really excited to learn more about the gospel. When we were walking to church her older brother (12 years old), with is arm around his little sister guiding her to church, asks me, "you guys are going to baptize the 28th of November right?", I said yes and then he said, "that's good because Jimena turns 8 on the 27th of November"! I couldn't believe it! This family of 5 will be accepting the gospel for the first time and 1 of them is coming back after a long time of being away.

The Lord is truly preparing people to receive the restored gospel, we just need to keep praying and looking for them.

This is week 11 of training Elder Juarez. It should go well.

-Elder Hagues

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 45 Pics

Week 45

This week we experienced a miracle! On Saturday morning when Elder Juarez and I were saying a prayer before leaving our apartment the phone rang, i decided to answer it and let Elder Juarez finish the prayer, when he finished praying I asked who it was and the person calling said that he was waiting at the church and wanted to talk to us. I really didn't remember who it was, but we decided to go immediately there to see him. When we got there there were two workers there that let us in and we found a young man sitting in the church building alone with a restoration pamphlet in his hand. After a little bit of remembering and questions we finally remembered where we met him. His name is Amauri and it turns out that we had contacted him and his friend 3 days earlier. We didn't remember him because we mainly focused on talking to his friend because Amauri said that he had already talked to the missionaries and he wasn't interested. 

Turns out that Amauri's friend gave the pamphlet that we gave to him and then told him to read it. So in those 3 days Amauri studied the pamphlet again and received a lot of revelation from Heavenly father. Amauri said that God told him that everything in the pamphlet was true and that he needed to get baptized in this church. 

He told us that that morning he decided to go and find us so using the direction of the church that we wrote on the back of the pamphlet he was guided to the church building. When he entered the building he asked one of the workers there if he could use his phone. The worker said that he didn't have any "saldo" (credit) to make any phone calls or messages. Amauri said that he was going to try and call anyways, so the worker let him have the phone and Amauri called our number. By some miracle when he called our number, TELCEL (the phone company) gave him a free 1 minute phone call! With that minute he was able to contact us. With that being said, when we showed up that Saturday morning he was truly PREPARED by God and was able to understand and accept everything that we said to him. 1 year ago he had listened to the missionaries and for different reasons didnt accept the gospel, but all that time the Lord was preparing him to accept it now! He had already attended Church 3 times in the past and because he is so smart he was able to understand and remember everything that we tell him and everything that he reads. After talking for a while we committed him to come to church and be baptized this Saturday! Well...we really didn't even have to invite him because he invited himself haha. He said that he needed to get baptized as SOON as possible! 

He got to church yesterday even before Elder Juarez and I got there and had already studied the Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets that we gave him the day before. And when I said that he studied it - I mean STUDIED! He remembered everything and ended up teaching those two lessons to Elder Juarez and I!...haha 

Amauri is truly a miracle and his life is going to change a lot. He was really deep into the world, but now he is going to use his intelligence to do good instead of bad. He has some extreme ideas about going to every other church in the world and trying to bring everyone into the church of God, but we are going to help him direct his plans a little better because his plans right now are a little interesting to say the least. Overall, I know that God sent him to us and we are going to have the privilege to baptize him this Saturday. I know that the spirit directs everyone to the TRUTH. 

-Elder Hagues

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 44 Pics

Week 44

This week went by well and we were able to work a lot with the members. They have been helping us a lot more recently! We had a miracle this week too! We received a reference from a sister in our ward of a young women named Monserrat who has been attending Church with this family in another ward! She lives right next to the members in our ward and is already friends with the daughters in the members family. When we taught her on Saturday she seemed really interested in the restoration of the gospel and accepted a baptismal date and everything! She also committed to come to stake conference and she was able to make it! She is already progressing and we just met her! Im excited to see her progress and see how the gospel changes her life! 

Elder Juarez is progressing very well in his teaching. I am going to keep encouraging him to contact and keep helping him learn more. 

-Elder Hagues

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 43 Pics

Baptism of Yarely Estudillo Vasquez  !


Week 43 !! Baptism !!

This week can only be described with one word: Gratitude. Conference was full of the spirit! My desire to become more like Christ has grown and i received answers to my prayers. The 3 new apostles are truly called of God. It is amazing to see how much faith our beloved prophet Thomas S Monson has. 

After conference yesterday evening we had the amazing opportunity to baptize Yarely Estudillo Vazquez!

Yarely is an amazing woman. Although she is only 21 years old she is spiritually strong and receptive to the spirit. The story of getting to know her began a little over a month ago and the experience was truly a miracle. She is married to a less active who is also family of someone from my ward in Tapachula! We first met him about 3 months ago when he came to church to give his two sons their baby blessings. Saying that he was less active he was not able to perform the blessing, but was still extremely grateful to have it done. I could feel his desire to come back to the fold so i passed the reference to the sisters in our ward. When Elder Juarez and i adopted the area of the sisters last transfer we decided to go find him. We found his house, but only his wife was present. We started to get to know her and found out that she wasn't a member! We taught her right there and she accepted everything! Yarely had truly been prepared. 

After getting to know Yarely more in the following weeks we found out that in the past other missionaries had taught her, but for some a variety of reasons never got baptized. The Lord was preparing her over the years and I feel that in particular she was finally ready to receive the gospel after a big trial she recently had. 

About 2 months ago her little baby received 2 terrible sicknesses at the same time! Chingungunia and Barisela. This baby was on the verge of dying when the bishop and the hermano Tito Caballero came to there house to give the baby a blessing. Thanks to the power of the priesthood and the faith that these 2 brothers had, the baby was healed in just under a week! 

After hearing this experience, I KNOW that trials are meant for our benefit. Yarely was able to see the power of the priesthood before we came to her doorstep and so when we arrived, she already had a testimony of the priesthood power of God. That being said the teaching was fairly easy because she accepted everything that we taught! She only had one doubt about the church that impeded her to make the final decision to be baptized. Her doubt was centered in the history of the church when polygamy was practiced. I knew that this doubt could only be resolved if she gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. So on September 26th she finally committed that she would pray and ask God, our eternal father, in the name of Christ if it was all true. The 28th of September we came back and asked her about her prayer. She responded, "Cuando yo ore, todas mis dudas fueron borrados. No puedo explicar lo que senti". The spirit filled the room as we testified that what she felt was the spirit. 

With all of her doubts gone she decided to descend into the waters of baptism and follow the example of Jesus Christ. After I performed the ordinance I knelt down in the bathroom and just prayed and cried thanking God for the amazing miracle he showed us. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. I know that his Son died for us so that we too may become perfected as He was. 

-Elder Hagues

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 42 Pix

Week 42

This week was a good end to the transfer. We worked well with the members this week and they were able to help us get some investigators to church. Yesterday we were able to take a new investigator to church who really has a desire to get baptized and follow Christ. Her name is Yarmi Rebecca. Elder Smith and i had taught her in the past, but she was never able to go to church because of work. That being said, we had to stop visiting her for a while, but she went to the clases de autosuficiencia that we told her to go to and she found a job where she doesn't have to work on Sundays anymore! We ended up receiving the reference to go visit her again and she was more than willing to go to church. We passed for her at 7:30 in the morning and she was ready to go! It was truly a blessing to see that the Lord has been preparing her to accept this message. 

We had an activity this last Saturday that was called, "Tarde de Peliculas". We didnt have very many member show up, but 3 of our investigators came and really enjoyed it, even though it was a disaster... The activity was supposed to start at 5, but didnt end up starting until 7! Due to technical difficulties and lack of electricity. Everything ended up working out well and im just grateful that Gustavo, Adriana and Yareli were able to go. 

Elder Juarez is progressing well and is excited to be here on the mission. Im glad that i get another transfer with him to finish his training. 

Im exciting for general conference this week! I have no doubt in my heart that there is a living prophet on the earth today and his name is Thomas S. Monson. It will be amazing to see the 3 new apostles. The church is true. Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration. Jesus Christ Lives. This is an amazing work that I am apart of here in Chiapas.

-Elder Hagues

p.s. The world did not end.