Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 41 pics

Week 41

Este semana fue increible! El Señor bendicio a mi compañero y yo muchisimo! We worked hard this week and kept seeing how the Lord had truly prepared one of our investigators. Her name is Yareli and she is the wife of a less active, who is now reactivating as well! She has already attended twice and ever since we have gone to teach her she accepts EVERYTHING! She reads every time we leave her with something to study and reads even more sometimes. She was able to attend yesterday as well and is really looking promising. We have her baptismal date for the 3rd of October, but we realized that that day is general conference so we will either have the baptism this week or do it on the 10th. 

I know that there are transfers next week, but i hope that the Lord will allow me to see this baptism. If not, then I will still be happy for the wonderful progress she has mad in the Gospel! You can just see the light shine in her eyes as she hears about this amazing message. 

Also, Kevin, one of our other investigators was able to come this week! He is family of the bishop in our ward and already has attended twice with us here not including many other times beforehand. He is also another investigator where I can see the gospel changing him. He is 15 years old and from the first time that we taught him until now he has changed a lot! His baptism will also be this week or on the 10th. 

2 other investigators were finally able to come as well! Gustavo and Adriana are the fruit of 2 different revelations that president george had. We found them at the start of the project "la mujer samaritana" and it is also a family of 3, all of which our mission president asked us to focus on this month! It was a reference we received from la hermana lili caballero. They are very excited to keep learning and have a baptismal date for the 24th of October. 

Overall, this week was full of blessings and miracles. We are going to keep working hard and see what the Lord has planned for these amazing children of God. 

-Elder Hagues

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 40 !

Este semana fue increíble! Nosotros pudimos hacer divisiones con La Salle entonces pude conocer un poquito de su área. Son puras subidas muy grandes. El Domingo pasado planeamos salir con miembros cada día en la semana y pudimos ver los frutos de eso! Tuvimos 12 LCM y creo que por ese razón, de trabajar con los miembros, tuvimos 5 investigadores que fueron a la actividad el Sábado. 

We also had some amazing miracles! On Monday Elder juarez and I felt that we needing to visit this one less active brother for a long time and we were finally able to go to his house. We ended up meeting his wife who isn't a member and we had a lesson with her which was amazing! She accepted everything and even has a fecha bautismal! She already had 2 assistance's in the past and the missionaries have tried to teach her but she was never very interested, until now! Her baby was really sick with "chinkungunia" and "barisela" (sorry for the spelling) and the bishop went over to give the baby a blessing. Turns out the baby is all better now from the sickness! I feel that this was the "foot in the door" and the perfect time to start teaching her the gospel. Also there is this other investigator that we have that is very sick with diabetes, but he still made it to the activity thanks to our bishop that was able to take him in him car! Truly we have seen the love that our heavenly father has for my companion and i because the 3 investigators that had a baptismal date we were able to go to the activity! 

The cultural activity on Saturday was amazing for the re-dedication of the Mexico City temple. I felt the spirit as i saw the time and effort the people sacrificed to make it an enjoyable experience. The focus of the play was the Book of Mormon and Temples which was perfect for our investigators! Yesterday Was the re-dedication of the temple and we were able to go to all 3 sessions! I felt the spirit very strongly and rededicated MYSELF to make the temple a priority in my life. There were some AMAZING talks given by Jeffrey R Holland and Pres. Eyring! Two powerhouses! (: 

We are going to keep working hard and baptize someone here soon! The assistance of the ward is still going up as well! Love you guys! 

-Elder Hagues

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 39 (Translation)

Once again we weren't able to get any of our investigators to church. But we aren't going to let that get us down (: We saw a miracle in our ward with the attendance, going above 60 again! It's never been that high in any of my time here.

We had a special experience contacting someone this past Friday in front of his workshop and, he turned out to be a member of the Church! He has even been a branch president!

So we asked a sister in the ward to please take him to Church and he went! He was excited to get active again and now he has an interview with the Bishop this Wednesday.

We also found a married couple that were less active. We went to pick them up in the morning and took them to the chapel. This was great because we could see how happy they were.
The ward is stronger now and I believe that the Lord is going to bless us with a golden investigator this week. We will keep searching and planting seeds and this is such a beautiful work we are engaged in. 

I am also thankful to the Lord because when we went to the Temple last Thursday, three members of the ward were there. They have helped us a lot and it was great to see them there. We will keep striving and using the member more this week to help even more investigators get to the chapel. 

gracias por todo familia y amigos! (: 

-Elder hagues

Week 39 pics!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 38 pics

Week 38

This week we were able to raise the assistance in our ward Juarez to the highest its gotten since I've been here! This was definitely a blessing and it was nice to see some of the less actives that we taught last week show up! I read an amazing scripture in the bible this week about Love. It is in 1 John 4:7-9.

 I feel eternally grateful for the love that our heavenly father had when he let is only begotten son suffer and die for each and every one of us. That was the ULTIMATE act of love. With the amount of love that our Heavenly Father has given us, it is interesting how all of his children do not fully trust in him. None of us will truly comprehend the love our father has given us in this life, but I feel that as we strive to understand the significance of the atonement, we will learn how to trust in our father. 

My companion and I are getting along really well and I am learning a lot from him. Our area is not seeing so many progressing investigators so i think that we are going to drop a lot of them and keep looking. It is a pretty large area so there is a lot of potential.

I think that we are going to the temple this week so i am really excited!  

Love you all! have a good week! 

-Elder Hagues