Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 37 pics!

Week 37

This has been a fun week with my new companion, Elder Juarez. He is from Matamoros Tamaulipas which is really close to valle hermoso where my amazingly beautiful mother is from (: He is 19 almost 20 years old and he loves music. He plays the saxophone and clarinet! He is a really good missionary and came well prepared. He has already made good progress this week. He has been pretty tired, but that is normal starting out the mission. I have just been forcing myself to be happy all the time so that he wont ever get down! It is a good plan and we have been enjoying our time together! 

This week we are going to concentrate more on the sisters area that just got added to ours. One amazing story this week was when we went to Sister Lili Caballeros house to share something with her and then ask for some references. The lesson went well and we decided to do the prayer kneeling down. As soon as we finished the prayer two women knocked on the door saying that they were looking for jobs and so Hermana Lili started to talk to them about different opportunities she knew about and then she just started talked about the church with them and she presented them to us right there on the spot, invited them in and had a lesson with them. 2 references literally given to us right after praying for them. They both live in our area as well. Our mission president just started a project called Mujer Samaritana, which included visiting active members to get references. Its amazing how the Lord blesses us when we follow the revelation our leaders receive. Another shout out to Letty, my beautiful mother, is that she gave me the same idea a long time ago and it has really been working (: I love all of you guys, especially my mami(: haha Have a good week! 

-Elder Hagues

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 36 Pics

Week 36

This week we saw the fruits of our labors!  We were working really hard to have investigators in the reunion sacramental and we decided to work extra with the members . We had a lot of investigators committed to coming to church so we were both excited to see who was going to follow through. We showed up to church and we had 2 investigators that showed up to church and on time too! On of them is Kevin, sobrino del obispo. The other is the mom of a recent convert that we have been working with. Kevin is a good kid and has a baptismal date for the 19th of September! We have only met with him a couple of times, but he seems really receptive. 

I am excited for the opportunity that I have to train a new elder here in the mission. The area is now pretty big since we have the sisters area now, but it should be fun! I am not district leader any more because they shut down the sister area and gave it to us, but i am super excited for the opportunity to just focus on my area (: 

-Elder Hagues  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 35 Pics

Week 35

We ended up going to this waterfall place near a city called Coita for our activity. It was really beautiful there and it wasn't that hot! 

This week was a week full of surprises. When i was on divisions with elder Garcia we got a reference of a family of 6! We went over to teach them and as we got there the first thing that the mom said was that she didn't have time to listen to us, but after some persuasion... we got here to accept listening to a hymn. As we sang the hymn we could feel the spirit and it opened up the door to allow us to share a message with here. She loved the hymn and is now interested in coming to church! Music is amazing, especially is there is a good message behind it.
This is the last week of the transfer and i am almost positive that my companion is leaving. I hope that my new companion likes working hard because we are going to go crazy over here! I love talking to people and making them smile. Sometimes we find people on the street that are feeling down and as we start talking about Christ and his atonement they completely change! The gospel of Jesucristo is the key to happiness that lasts(:
Some of my favorite verses in the Book of Mormon are the following:

Alma 37:44-47! I invite everyone to read those verses (:

love you all!
-Elder Hagues

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 34 Pics!

Week 34

This week we spent in a colonia that we dont really utilize that much so it was fun to explore and find new people. There was this guy from this church called "Luz Del Mundo" that was trying to convert us too haha he was a good guy and he was really good at teaching too. Its a pretty big church here in Mexico. It is always fun to talk to people of different faiths and learn from one another. 

This week is going to be the multi-zona activity and we should be going to the zoo or the canyon here! I hope to see some Jaguars!  

I know that this Church is Christ's Church on the earth once more and that the priesthood has been restored. 

love you all!

-Elder Hagues