Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 33

This week we have started to teach this joven named Cesar and he is looking pretty interested. We had planned to pass by for him in the morning yesterday and when we got there we ran into a little problem. 

He has a crazy dog that tries to eat us every time we try to go knock Cesar door and when we got there the dog was right it the alleyway that led to his house. My companion and i didnt really know what to do so we decided to pray to our Heavenly father for help. For the next 20 minutes we were trying different tactics to get passed but none of them works. Elder Smith almost got bitten but thankfully we didn't get injured. We ended up deciding to go get another investigator. The other investigator wasn't there so we walked back toward Cesar's house and saw that the dog had strayed away from his house. So we ran up to Cesar's house to go get him. Even though Cesar wasn't able to come with us in the end i could see that the Lord answered our prayer. It took a little longer than expected, but he answered. I know that the Lord always answers our prayers. Some times we have to take a different route until we can see that he answered our prayer. 

Have a great week everybody! 

-Elder Hagues

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