Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 28

Well this week has been kind of rough with stomach issues, but nothing new haha i think when I get home i am going to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables because they cook with too much grease here...but lets be honest I love in-n-out too much haha My companion got pretty sick last night! He said that he was going to die and i started getting pretty worried because he could barely breath and he had a super bad pain in his stomach! So I gave him a priesthood blessing and he was finally able to breath normally again! The pain persisted so we went to the mission doctors house to get his checked out. 

It didn't turn out to be anything fatal so that was good haha he ended up having Salmonela I think...we got him medicine after they did some lab work to see what was wrong and right now he is doing great! His fever is gone and his stomach pain is basically gone as well (: So that was definitely a crazy adventure last night! I am thankful that the Lord protected us. Even with sickness we need to keep pushing forward and conquer all of these challenges. Im excited for this week to work and i am hoping that we will have a baptism this week! Please pray for Wendy, Alison and Ivone (: 


-Elder Hagues

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