Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 27

So this week has been a lot cooler than the others which was truly a blessing! It has started raining more here in Tuxtla, but my area is pretty hilly so is doesn't get very floody. There is a lot of mud though... We have been finding more people to teach and i have really been enjoying the work here! 

This Sunday we passed by to get a new investigator, Juan Carlos, to go to church and he was able to come! He even dressed up in a white shirt and tie and everything! He is super escojido! If all goes well he will be baptized in 4 weeks or maybe less! We are also planning a baptism for next week which should be amazing! We are doing a zone activity for the baptism. All of the missionaries from the zone are going to get together in the stake center and have all the baptisms at the same time! We are calling it "El Campo Blanco". It should be very spiritual because the mission president is coming to it as well! 

Love you all! This world is crazy, but as we follow the principles of the Gospel we will enjoy life a whole lot more! 

-Elder Hagues

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