Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 29 pics

Week 29

So this week was pretty hectic! We almost had two baptisms....but......the Lord wants me to learn more patients haha (: One of them passed the entrevista bautismal and then decided that she was going to wait a little longer to get baptized....then her mom wasnt able to get baptized because she needs to fix some things in her life. It was still a good experience for both of them though because now they have a good perspective of where they need to be to get baptized. I hope that everything goes well and we will be able to baptize them soon! Please pray for Alison and Wendy (: 

Our mission president came to our zone this week and we were able to hear some of his counsel. Our district had 2 baptisms this last week which was really special. All of our zone got together to do a "noche blanca" where all the baptisms in the zone were at the same time and place! There is a cool picture of all of us in white on the dropbox! I was able to sing a special musical number with 3 other missionaries and it was awesome! I miss singing in choirs! 

This week you will definitely be hearing about Elder Hagues and Elder Smith on the news because we are going to launch so many fireworks on Saturday that it will be captured by satellites! (; Have an amazing 4th everyone and don't go too crazy! 


Elder Hagues

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 28 Pics

Week 28

Well this week has been kind of rough with stomach issues, but nothing new haha i think when I get home i am going to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables because they cook with too much grease here...but lets be honest I love in-n-out too much haha My companion got pretty sick last night! He said that he was going to die and i started getting pretty worried because he could barely breath and he had a super bad pain in his stomach! So I gave him a priesthood blessing and he was finally able to breath normally again! The pain persisted so we went to the mission doctors house to get his checked out. 

It didn't turn out to be anything fatal so that was good haha he ended up having Salmonela I think...we got him medicine after they did some lab work to see what was wrong and right now he is doing great! His fever is gone and his stomach pain is basically gone as well (: So that was definitely a crazy adventure last night! I am thankful that the Lord protected us. Even with sickness we need to keep pushing forward and conquer all of these challenges. Im excited for this week to work and i am hoping that we will have a baptism this week! Please pray for Wendy, Alison and Ivone (: 


-Elder Hagues

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 27 Pics

Week 27

So this week has been a lot cooler than the others which was truly a blessing! It has started raining more here in Tuxtla, but my area is pretty hilly so is doesn't get very floody. There is a lot of mud though... We have been finding more people to teach and i have really been enjoying the work here! 

This Sunday we passed by to get a new investigator, Juan Carlos, to go to church and he was able to come! He even dressed up in a white shirt and tie and everything! He is super escojido! If all goes well he will be baptized in 4 weeks or maybe less! We are also planning a baptism for next week which should be amazing! We are doing a zone activity for the baptism. All of the missionaries from the zone are going to get together in the stake center and have all the baptisms at the same time! We are calling it "El Campo Blanco". It should be very spiritual because the mission president is coming to it as well! 

Love you all! This world is crazy, but as we follow the principles of the Gospel we will enjoy life a whole lot more! 

-Elder Hagues

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 26

I didn't have much time to read or respond to some of your emails this week, but i will read and respond next week don't worry! (: 

So this week we had two investigators come to church! They are both super escogidos! It is a mom and her daughter, Wendy and Alison. They both have strong desires to get baptized and follow the example of Jesus Christ always! We are planning on baptizing them on the 27th of June! I AM SO PUMPED! 

We are working hard to find new people to teach and I am thankful for this opportunity to serve in this new area! 

I read a lot about captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon and how he fortified all of his cities to the max to defend against the Lamanites! They were some great chapters and it reminded me that we must fortify ourselves to the MAX everyday through diligent scripture study, prayer, and partaking of the sacrament every week in church. 

Love all of you! 

-Elder Hagues

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week 25

Well I am finally in Tuxtla Gutierrez! My new area is a lot larger than my other area and it is a lot more beautiful haha i am super happy to be here! 

My new companion, Elder Smith, is really cool too. He is from Payson Utah! We are having a lot of fun here and working hard! There are a couple people that we are teaching right now that have a huge desire to get baptized and i hope we will be able to baptize them both on the 4th of July! (: The climate here is much more agreeable hahaha It is pretty cool here and it rains on and off. 

I know that our Lord Jesus Christ loves us and blesses us immensely every day! Look for all the blessings that he gives us and you will come to realize just how much he does for us. As I continue to study more about the Atonement of Jesus, I realize that I will never even come close to comprehending the magnitude of it. The atonement is everything! 

-Elder Hagues