Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 19 Post

This week we have been looking for more opportunities to serve. It was been exciting and uplifting working this way. Charity is the pure love of Christ and for that reason when we look for opportunities to serve we will feel a greater love for the people around us. 

Everyone around us are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and for that reason we need to love EVERYONE! I promise you that you will enjoy life more fully. 

This past Friday we were able to do a service project cutting a bunch of plants and weeds with machetes! It was really fun! Machetes are super sweet so i am definitely getting one haha (;  

We took a taxi to the service project and as i got out of the taxi i noticed that i dropped the phone in the taxi! The taxi was already driving away at that point so we waved frantically to try and get him to stop, but it was unsuccessful....So my companion and i started running after it! As i was sprinting down the street i said a small prayer and asked heavenly father to help me have enough time and energy to run the taxi down! The taxi turned the corner and i had no idea where it went....but i just kept running and i trusted that the Lord would help me. As i ran up to a stop light i saw a lot of cars but not the taxi...i still had hope though. as i neared the light even more i saw the taxi! The light stayed red just enough time for me to get to the taxi and save the phone! It was a little miracle, but it was still a miracle! I am thankful for having a loving heavenly father that always watches over us.  

I hope everything is going well over in the states! Take care all! Love you! Elder Hagues

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