Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 20 Post

My new companions name is Elder Palmer. He is from Riverton Utah. I am still district leader and I am working hard to raise up the sisters and elders in my district. It is truly a beautiful experience being able to serve them (: I think something big is coming this transfer too, but i am not sure what haha i am just going to keep working hard and serving. 

My focus right now is loving and UNDERSTANDING people (: I think that if I do both at the same time it will help me be more like Christ.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 19 pics

Week 19 Post

This week we have been looking for more opportunities to serve. It was been exciting and uplifting working this way. Charity is the pure love of Christ and for that reason when we look for opportunities to serve we will feel a greater love for the people around us. 

Everyone around us are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and for that reason we need to love EVERYONE! I promise you that you will enjoy life more fully. 

This past Friday we were able to do a service project cutting a bunch of plants and weeds with machetes! It was really fun! Machetes are super sweet so i am definitely getting one haha (;  

We took a taxi to the service project and as i got out of the taxi i noticed that i dropped the phone in the taxi! The taxi was already driving away at that point so we waved frantically to try and get him to stop, but it was unsuccessful....So my companion and i started running after it! As i was sprinting down the street i said a small prayer and asked heavenly father to help me have enough time and energy to run the taxi down! The taxi turned the corner and i had no idea where it went....but i just kept running and i trusted that the Lord would help me. As i ran up to a stop light i saw a lot of cars but not the taxi...i still had hope though. as i neared the light even more i saw the taxi! The light stayed red just enough time for me to get to the taxi and save the phone! It was a little miracle, but it was still a miracle! I am thankful for having a loving heavenly father that always watches over us.  

I hope everything is going well over in the states! Take care all! Love you! Elder Hagues

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 18!

Well This week was really fun because I was finally able to work in my area 100%! My new companion likes to work and so we have been doing a lot of good things here. I haven't had a week so full of lessons since I've gotten here (: Even though the baptisms didnt work out this week i think they will come very soon! I am staying here another transfer in Tapachula so I will be able to experience the amazing/scary rain ha ha It rained yesterday and it was pretty crazy so I am going to buy some rain boots :) 

Read the Book of Mormon!

Elder Hagues

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 17 Pics

April 2015 General Conference

Week 17 - An Easter Testimony

This week has been pretty nuts because i have had to stay with the zone leaders the whole week. There really hasn't been much time to visit my area so i am not sure how all of my investigadors are doing haha but the good news is that i get my new companion today!!!! I just figured that out right now and it was a good surprise because i thought i was going to have to wait another week.
General Conference was very special. I had ever captured so much from a general conference in my life! It was like the super bowl, but better! For those of you that missed it, you can watch all the sessions on and listen to the prophet and apostles of Christ's church (: The words of living prophets help us improve our quality of life and in doing so we gain more peace and happiness!!!
I am expecting to have a baptism this week so we will see if it all works out!! If not this week i will definitely have one next week!! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice. He LIVES! and because he lives all of us will live again as well. 
Because of his suffering our pain, guilt and grief can turn into peace, relief and hope. Our heavenly father loves us perfectly. Why else would he let his only begotten son suffer and die? He did it out of love for US! 
Don't get down. Don't give up. The world is crazy and it will only get crazier, but our eternal father is in control and he has given us way to find true happiness in the midst of such turmoil and pain. The problem is Satan and the answer is Jesus Christ. Do not fall for the fake sugarcoated "happiness" that the world has to offer. Only through the gospel of Jesus Christ can we find ETERNAL happiness. 
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will always have his hand extended toward us and the choice of whether or not we will accept his sacrifice is in OUR hands. I share this brief testimony in the name of our loving savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.
-Elder Hagues