Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 10 Post New companion!

This week has been really crazy! i know have a new companion because there were emergency transfers.... transfers were supposed to be on Mar. 2nd, but they needed to have the transfer this week for us. My new companion is Elder Cosigua and he is from Solola Guatemala! He is super fun and excited to be here with me. He only has two weeks left on his mission so we are going to work like crazy so that he can have his best two week be his last two weeks. So now i am the new District leader... i get to work with and oversee the areas Vista Hermosa 1 y 2 and Xochimilco. a pair of elders and 4 hermanas (sisters haha). They are all awesome so i am not worried about that much! It is really weird for a missionary to not even finish his training and become district leader, but the Lord has his reasons and i am just going to trust in him during this next stage on my mission. I hope i can serve these missionaries effectively (: 

So far it has been pretty crazy with all these new responsibilities, but i know that the Lord has been helping me. Reading the Book of Mormon and praying helps me a lot! Elder Cosigua and i are looking to work more with the members in the ward so that we can help make a change there. Our ward needs a lot of help, but i am confident that with sufficient faith we are going to see miracles! Anything is possible with sufficient faith and trust in the Lord. 

We found a young man that truly has a desire to listen to us and receive the gospel! Everytime we see him he says that he wants to listen to us and go to church! We have recently begun to teach him and i am excited to see how he progresses. The Lord prepares the people for us and we are just trying to find them (: 

I love all of you and i hope you are all staying healthy and working hard! 

-Elder Hagues

p.s. Did you all know that Coca Cola and lime juice stops diarrhea !!??

tip of the day (; hahaha

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