Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 7

Well i started out this last week going up to Tuxtla Gutierrez which was 6 hours on a bus. The bus ride was pretty boring, but i got to know this guy that was sitting next to me and teach him about the gospel for like an hour! We need to be representatives for good wherever we are. I went up to Tuxtla with all of the other missionaries that were going to train the incoming missionaries. i was the only one that was there for immigration purposes so the next day when i was supposed to go up to the immigration office, everyone was too busy to take me and since it closed at 1 pm i had to stay an unanticipated extra day. It turned out to be an amazing experience because i got to meet a lot of mew missionaries and a bunch that were going home too. The best part of that night was that i was able to work with the assistants to the president in there area for like 2 hours! Elder Ibarra and Brass are truly giants in the mission field! i learned so much from them! Also they had a baptism that night! Elder Borren and Gervais (the assistants that were going home the next day) were also there and Elder Gervais was able to baptize the sister! What an example they have given me. I want to baptise the night before i go home! that would be amazing! Elder Borren and Gervais are so awesome and they really impacted my life and i will never forget them. The bus ride back was pretty boring, but i finally made it back home late wednesday night! hahaha I was so happy to get back to work! Its weird how the happiest times on my mission are when we are working hahaha My companion and i have big plans for this transfer (6weeks)! We really went hard in the 4 days we had to work and we practically had the same numbers in the previous week! We are going to keep working with diligence and be completely obedient to the mission rules. I know that if we do that we will begin to see the miracles in our area. 

We went on exchanges with 2 young men from my ward that are thinking/preparing to serve a mission and it was a great experience! My companion really had a miracle! While on the exchanges he went to visit a sister in our ward that told us to come visit because she brought her niece to church that day and her niece (Laura) wanted to meet with the missionaries. She hasnt even had one lesson and has only been to church once and says she wants to get baptized! She says it doesnt matter what her parents say, she is wants to get baptized! What a miracle! So she has a baptismal date for the 21st of February! 

I know that as we are diligent and consistently striving to be like Christ we will have the spirit with us and we will be lead to those miracles. I am so grateful for the Savior. He suffered EVERYTHING for us. I have felt the love of my Savior in every difficulty i have had in my life. There is no point that one can reach in their life where they can not come back to the fold. The atonement of Jesus Christ is eternal and there is no pain that cant be taken away if we use the atonement. It is done. Jesus Christ has already accomplished his part. Now it is up to us if we are going to make use of his sacrifice in our lives. Share the gift of Christ with others. Or, discover the gift and then share it with those around you. i love you all! 

-Elder Hagues

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