Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter to Family - Nov 27th, 2014

Today is Thanksgiving so I actually have a little time to write a letter! I've only been here a week but it feels like an eternity!

I no longer have much stress from being a Zone Leader. I am getting used to the responsibilities and schedule. I am able to play the piano for priesthood and sacrament meeting so it is going to be good practice. I am starting to get better at teaching in Spanish..
One thing I have learned here is that this is not my mission but the Lord's. I need to forget myself and go to work. The character of Christ is turning outward, when the natural man would turn inward. I am continually trying to have the character of Christ. For example, after Christ had just suffered  for all the pains and sins of the world, and had bled from every pore, he healed the [servant's] ear. The pain he felt was unimaginable. When the natural man would turn inward and want everyone to feel sorry for him, Christ turned outward and healed the [servant]. This is the character of Christ (turning outward).

When things aren't going well in the mission, and I am not having success, I need to remember the character of Christ. Today was an amazing day!  Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us! He spoke of having faith and becoming truly converted. Also he showed us that the Spirit is the teacher, not us. We are teaching people, not lessons.
You guys are not going to believe what else happened... We were chosen to have a special lunch with Elder Bednar! The lunch was good and I got to shake hands with him and we had a little conversation. He talked to me about when he visited Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. He said all the kids were very reverent. After lunch we had a question and answer session, but we were the one's getting asked the questions. Mostly everything was centered on teaching with the Spirit and getting to know your investigators. He has an amazing spirit!. I am very grateful for such an amazing experience!

We also had a huge humanitarian project where all the zone leaders were in charge of a mini-assembly line. We made 576 meals (of rice, veggies, lentils and pink himalayan salt in a plastic bag). Everything is going good except I'm tired some days...
Elder Michael M. Hagues

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